Sales Force: Definition, Task, and Benefit in Business

24 Juni 2023 Sales Force

Sales force is a division that plays an important role in a company. As we all know, sales are at the forefront of a company. Sales that occur in a business are mostly the efforts of the sales division.

Therefore, a sales force should be owned by a company. In everyday life, of course, you are often offered products by sales. In this article, you can get information about the definition of a sales force, as well as the tasks they perform and their benefits for a business


Salesperson and Business

A business needs sales to keep the business afloat. Without sales, a business cannot continue. There are many ways that a company can do to survive, from conducting promotions to customer approaches. That is why many companies employ salespersons.

A salesperson is an individual whose job is to sell products or services offered to companies. The approach they take usually adjusts the product being sold or the intended customer. Not infrequently the salesperson is deployed in the field to approach potential customers. In addition, companies can also set up departments such as a sales force.

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Sales Force

If the salesperson is an individual, the sales force is a department or group whose job is to sell the company's products or services. However, the work being done is not just selling the product. The sales force also has several other tasks.

When a company is growing, having a sales force department can be the right choice. That way, the concentration does not need to be split between production and sales. This can increase sales because the sales force is only responsible for selling and other relevant tasks.

Moreover, a company, both small and large, has sales targets to be achieved. To get to that point, the sales force can be utilized by the company. Of course, sales also require certain strategies and plans to run effectively.


Sales Force Tasks

As mentioned earlier, the main task of the sales force is to sell the products and services of the company. However, there are also other tasks of the sales force. The following are some of the tasks of a sales force at a company

  1. Selling Products
    The main task of the sales force department is, of course, to sell products. This department is expected by the company to bring in and increase sales. Moreover, selling products is never an easy thing to do, both to new customers and loyal customers.
    Customers have different characteristics. Therefore, a fairly varied approach is needed. Sales force also requires persuasive skills so that customers can feel comfortable and decide to make a purchase.
  2. Interact with Customers
    Even though the marketing division interacts more with customers, that doesn't mean the sales force doesn't interact with customers. The sales department is always in direct contact with customers. Therefore, the employees of the department must have good social skills to help their work.
    By interacting directly with customers, the sales force can provide insight into the company. Insights are obtained from feedback provided by customers. This can later be used as evaluation material for companies to make certain changes to products and strategies that will be used later.
  3. Manage Data and Sales Budget
    In addition, the sales force is tasked with managing sales data and budgets. Every sale in a company has a certain budget for selling. From the existing budget, the department is tasked with ensuring that the budget is following what is provided by the company but is still effective for use in selling products.
    In addition, existing sales data is also managed by the sales force. Moreover, every company must have targeted KPIs. From the existing data, the company can take the necessary steps regarding sales.


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Sales Force Benefits

After looking at the tasks of the sales force, you can see how important the department is for sales. In addition, many benefits can be obtained by a company with a sales force department. The following are some of the benefits in question

  1. Increase Sales
    Since the main task of the sales force is to sell products, of course, the company's greatest benefit is an increase in sales. When previously a company did not have a sales department, the concentration of a company will be divided. The concentration will be divided between selling and other technical matters.
  2. Maintaining Customers
    Sales force can also help companies to retain customers. This is because the sales department always interacts with customers. Not infrequently they also interact with customers who have already made a purchase. With persuasive skills, the sales force can build close relationships with consumers so they feel comfortable.
  3. Satisfying Customers
    A good product is not the only way to satisfy customers. Good service can also be a plus for a company. Not infrequently the relationship built by the sales force with customers is personal so that customers feel comfortable. This can make customers have a positive experience at the company.
  4. Improving Company Image
    By being one of the front guards in the company, the sales force is one of the company's representatives in the eyes of customers. Therefore, one of the customer's first impressions can also be felt by the sales force. By providing good and professional service, the company can get a positive image from its customers in the eyes of the public.


When the company is growing, there is nothing wrong with a company to start building a sales force department. In addition to increasing sales, many other benefits can be felt by a company. With the existence of a sales force, it is hoped that a company can develop in terms of sales.

Many applications can be used by companies to help sales and serve customers. One of them is using the WhatsApp Business API as one of the most frequently used applications in the world. Apart from that, you can also use chatbots and data analytics to help serve customers and improve service. For further information, you can visit Kokatto!

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