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27 Mei 2023 WhatsApp Business Features

WhatsApp Business features can be said to be quite interesting so it attracts the interest of many sellers. This is what makes it more of an option as a platform for selling online. WhatsApp itself from the beginning until now is bigger and more famous as an instant messaging application.

Now you have to be smart in choosing the platform you want to use. You should be able to choose the one that suits the product and target market you are aiming for. In this article, you can learn about one selling platform, WhatsApp Business. Apart from that, you can also see WhatsApp Business features that match your business.


WhatsApp Business

Maybe this one application is not so familiar to the layman's ear. This is of course because those who use this one application are usually sellers engaged in a business and their employees on duty. People tend to be more familiar with its main application, namely WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business itself was originally intended for small businesses. But as time goes by, not a few big brands are also using WhatsApp business. This proves that the effect provided by WhatsApp is also quite large for a brand.

Whatsapp before was just an ordinary instant messaging application. However, the extraordinary potential that can be exploited makes WhatsApp then issue WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp itself is an instant messaging application with the most users in the world. Even the majority of Indonesian people use WhatsApp for various purposes.


WhatsApp Business Features

Naturally, then WhatsApp Business was released. WhatsApp Business itself can be used free of charge or free. Even so, that doesn't mean there aren't features that are good enough for your business. Many WhatsApp Business features can help a business start and grow. Here are some of them:

  1. Catalog
    The first WhatsApp Business features that you can enjoy our catalogs. The catalog itself is an important feature for sellers, both offline and online. For new sellers, they must have a catalog of the goods they sell so that potential customers can identify the products they sell.
    The catalog feature itself is also useful so that customers who use WhatsApp can also see the existing catalog of goods directly without opening it from another application or short link. The existence of a catalog also increases the possibility of purchasing other products and not just the product he intends to buy.
  2. Business Profile
    It's incomplete if a business account doesn't have identical characteristics to a business, a business profile is one of the WhatsApp Business features that you can enjoy. As a seller both online and offline, it is important to have validation from the public so that they trust.
    The business profile on your own WhatsApp business allows you to fill in information about the business you have. Starting from, name, opening hours, store description, store address, and short link. By filling in clear information, you can provide awareness about your business to customers.
    Your business profile will become an identity for your business. Therefore, the profile feature on WhatsApp business will be very helpful. Especially for small businesses that are still doing promotions. Having a business profile will help customers get to know your business more closely, along with detailed information.
  3. Label
    The next WhatsApp Business feature that is very useful labels. The label in question refers to the chat label between customers. Especially if the business you are running is running smoothly and is quite busy. This will certainly make more and more people interact, whether to buy or just ask.
    Even though the more lively the chat the better, new problems can arise. Problems such as miscommunication with customers can certainly occur and in the end, can be detrimental to business. Therefore, you can use it to help you sort out which one to respond to first.
  4. Greeting Messages
    As the name suggests, a greeting message is a message that you can use to greet customers. The difference is, this one message is done automatically when a customer wants to open a conversation with your business account. You can set what message templates appear on the screen automatically.
  5. Away Message
    WhatsApp Business features that you can also get our away messages. Away message itself functions automatically to send a message when the message comes in at the time the shop is closed. With away messages, customers will find out other information about your store.
    Apart from that, away messages can also help you satisfy customers. If you send away messages, customers will feel valued because you have responded even during closing hours.
  6. Quick Replies
    This feature has more or less the same benefits as the FAQ column available for websites. Some questions are very likely to be repeated, such as questions about products or shipping. You can create a template for the response. By pressing the / button, the response you have set will appear so you don't have to bother to retype it.
  7. Message Statistics
    Another WhatsApp Business feature that you can enjoy is message statistics. This is because every WhatsApp message in your account can be processed. You can see statistics, about the account.

This is a brief explanation of WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business features. If you are a seller, WhatsApp business can be the right choice of platform. There are many features that you can take advantage of, moreover, you can also use personal WhatsApp contacts to help you in business.

The many WhatsApp Business features are certainly fun. However, you must be able to take advantage of these features so that they can be an advantage for your business. The promotion that you do must also be able to match the target market and the product you are selling.

There are many other advantages that you can get if you use the WhatsApp Business API. To find out the details and costs, you can contact Kokatto directly. Apart from that, you can also see other features from Kokatto such as chatbots or data analytics. For more info, visit Kokatto!

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