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Using a chatbot allows you to serve your customer even when you are not around.
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Send more personalized notification messages, OTPs, transactions, promos, and various other messages to each of your customers.
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Build Strong Customer Relationships by sending follow-up messages to your customers who didn't reply to your message. Following up with customers is always a great strategy to foster customer relationships. It makes them feel special.
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Best Chatbot

If you’re looking for one of the best chatbot, you should start using Kokatto. Especially if you’re looking for a service that will respond to a customer's question anytime. Chatbot itself would be a support for customer service that you try to provide to your customer.

Every business should start having customer service. Especially because many businesses are having it nowadays. A developing business would be overwhelmed if they keep using their personal contact for customers. The more the business grows, the business should start thinking to improve in serving customers, including its way of communication.

However, communicating with customers in a traditional way will not be as effective as before. The world keeps evolving and so are businesses. The business will get busier than before and sometimes you should respond to customers whenever they need you. While it is not possible to do it yourself, it is possible if you’re using the best chatbot from Kokatto to help you 24/7.

Kokatto Chatbot Feature

The best Chatbot from Kokatto will help you respond to customers 24/7. Chatbot will help lessen your burden in communicating with customers. Kokatto Chatbot has two automatic features that will help you while you’re not present. These are the features:

Auto Reply

Automatically responding to customers’ questions whether it is during office hours or not. You could decide what date and time you want it to be active, depending on when you need it on your business.

Auto Follow-Up

Automatically follow up with customers who have not replied to your message. You can set what timeframe you want since they last replied to it. You could also personally write what message you want it to be.

Features from the best chatbot Indonesia in Kokatto will help your business grow by improving communication quality to help build relationships with customers. With Kokatto, those words will be materialized into actions!

The benefit of Using Chatbot in Business

The way of communication keeps evolving, including the one between customer and seller. Best Chatbot could be the answer to how to build a better relationship with customers. Here are a few benefits that a business will get by using the best chatbot for their customer service.

24/7 Responsive Customer Service

Chatbot slowly holds a supporting role in customer service in various businesses. Using artificial intelligence technology, the chatbot is able to respond to frequently asked questions with default responses and answers. That way, a business will be able to respond to their customer whenever they need without having to wait for too long.

Becoming Customer Assistant

Problems are inevitable. Customers will always have questions about products no matter how great the products are. They will rely on customer service to help them. By using the best chatbot AI, they will be assisted to solve their problem with the product. Especially if it happens outside of office hours.

Elevate Customer Experience

By using the best chatbot, your business is committed to giving its best in helping and assisting customers. Kokatto will help your business improve its customer service area and will give a better customer experience. Great customer experience could lead to sales if it is used effectively.

Giving Customer Latest News

The use of the best chatbot from Kokatto will not only be limited to answering customers’ questions. Chatbot could also be used to inform customers about the latest news on your business, whether there are new services or products, and so on. Doing so will help your business with your brand awareness.

Managing Questions on Transaction

The problems that customers have about transactions will be very important to answer because that most probably leads to sales. With the best chatbot from Kokatto, it is possible to solve it as soon as possible for the customer. That way, a chatbot will not only help you but also your customer problems.

Reasons Businesses Need Chatbot

You have seen what the best chatbot from Kokatto will add to your business. But there are many other reasons why you should start using chatbots to help customer service in your business. Here are a few reasons why you should use a chatbot to improve your customer service and business overall.

Wider Customer Reach

Using a chatbot will help businesses tremendously in terms of response. That way, businesses could reply to as many customers as they can. Chatbots could also be really helpful for businesses to introduce them to a wider segment.

Easy to Operate

Operating a chatbot is also not as hard as it sounds, especially with the best chatbot from Kokatto. With a dashboard provided by Kokatto, you will adapt to use it in no time. Maintaining the chatbot is not hard at all, too. You can also customize the setting to your liking in the dashboard as well.

Cost Efficient

Even though you still have to spend your money on the best chatbot from Kokatto, it is actually more cost-efficient rather than paying an employee that has to reply 24/7. Eventually, you will spend less money and energy using chatbots. You only need to integrate it with the chat platform that the business uses.

Useful for Global Market

The best chatbot from Kokatto will be really useful especially if you are aiming for a global market. Global markets have different time zones that could be handled by a chatbot. You do not have to worry about giving a late response to the global market with a chatbot.

The Best Chatbot from Kokatto for Your Business

As stated above, a chatbot from Kokatto will help you respond to customers non-stop 24/7. You could set a default message and when to send it to the customers. You do not have to reply to it on your own repeatedly. Chatbot has it all covered so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Through its features, the best chatbot by Kokatto will help you to follow up with the customers with messages that you wrote in advance. Not only will this help you in running your business, but you will also give customers the best service.

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