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Broadcast by Kokatto, Your Wider Marketing Solution

Broadcast is a feature from Kokatto that allows you to send messages to multiple customers simultaneously. You could also set the broadcast message according to your needs, such as promotion or product awareness purposes. All you have to do is send it to the contact you want to go through the Broadcast dashboard.

As business owners in this era, there are many ways for you to increase sales by doing promotions. There are many platforms you could use as a way to promote, whether it is offline or online. One example is social media. You could promote it to a very big market. But the downside is the market is too big and general.

Through Broadcast, you could design personal messages to build more intimate relationships with many customers. You do not even have to send it one at a time. You could send it to every customer simultaneously. With Broadcast by Kokatto, sending personal messages to customers is easier than ever.

What is Broadcast by Kokatto?

Broadcast by Kokatto will be a solution for sending messages to many customers easily and simultaneously. You could apply this feature through integration with your WhatsApp Business account.

Kokatto Broadcast Feature

As stated before, the broadcast could be a solution for business owners who try to reach their customers at the same time. What makes Kokatto a solution and a great choice for them? Here are a few features from Broadcast by Kokato which help every business owner.

Broadcast Message Template

You could set a few different broadcast templates depending on your marketing strategy purposes, such as product awareness, limited promotion, or other marketing-related information.

Broadcast Message Schedule

Managing broadcast message schedules at specific times according to your strategy. You could set the date and time whenever you decide to send it.

Verified Business WhatsApp Account

You will guarantee a green tick on your WhatsApp Business account after integrating your account. A green tick on your account means your WhatsApp account is verified and could improve your business credibility.

Features from Broadcast by Kokatto will help your business promotional purposes more effectively. You could also reach a wider audience personally by sending messages from Broadcast by Kokatto.

Pentingnya Pesan Broadcast untuk Bisnis

Broadcast message atau pesan broadcast adalah pada dasarnya pesan singkat yang dikirim kepada banyak kontak secara massal dalam waktu yang bersamaan. Salah satu strategi pemasaran ini dapat dipertimbangkan oleh pemilik bisnis masa kini, mengingat mayoritas penduduk sekarang yang sudah menggunakan ponsel pintar.

The Importance of Broadcast Message

Basically, a broadcast message is a short message which is sent to many customer contacts simultaneously. Broadcast messages could be implemented into a modern marketing strategy by business owners considering many people are using smartphones these days. Here are a few reasons why your business should implement broadcast messages into your marketing strategies:

Message Content Personalization

Social media marketing strategies are commonly used by businesses to promote them to the general audience. While broadcasting messages using very different approaches. For instance, you could put your customer’s name to give a personal touch to the message which will give an intimate impression to the customers. This thing will help your business relationship with customers.

Affordable and Easy to Operate

Broadcasts by Kokatto could help you to reduce the cost of business marketing such as advertisements. You could design broadcast message content as you wish and attach promotional images inside it. Broadcast is very useful for businesses with limited marketing budgets yet still want effective marketing strategies.

Could be Used for Many Purposes

Not only for promotion but there are also various things that business owners can do. For example, you could also inform your customers if you can’t open your store for a while, or as a reminder for customers to visit your store.

Increasing Customer Engagement

One of the best benefits of using Broadcast is customer engagement. Because the messages will be sent to their own WhatsApp account, it will feel more personal. They can also give replies which will show you how they feel toward your business.

Wider Customer Reach

By using Broadcast, you could send messages to many contacts simultaneously. That way, you could reach many customers in no time. You could reach your loyal or potential customers, depending if you have their WhatsApp number or not. Especially because WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging applications.

Tips on Using Broadcast Message

A broadcast message is one of the promotional platforms you should use considering its benefits. But you cannot send broadcast messages to customers recklessly. There are a few tips you could use when creating broadcast messages, such as.

Keep It Short and Simple

No one likes to read a dragging, meaningless, and long message including customers. You should write a message that is short and simple but still conveys the meaning that you want to imply. You should make sure that the message is simple and easy to read by your customers.

Adjust the Language

Every business has its own market segmentation. Therefore, they should adjust themselves toward their customer. That also includes language in messages you will send. You could give the words you use on the message customization options that are provided in Broadcast.

Use Call-to-Action at the End of your Message

At the end of your message, you should put a call-to-action sentence. This will help you to tell customers to do something you want them to do. CTA or call-to-action sentences often work to invite the reader to the activity as written. For example, when you want customers to visit your social media profile, you should put your social media links attached to sentences like ‘visit us’.

Perhatikan Waktu Pengiriman Mind the Time

You still should mind the time when sending the message. It is important so the message will be effective and won’t be backfired on you. You could send the message when lunchtime or when most people come home. You should not send it late at night because it will disturb them, especially on WhatsApp.

Promote Your Product With Broadcast by Kokatto!

Now you have seen what Broadcast Message by Kokatto could bring to your business. It will help your marketing activity in various ways. Not only you could introduce your product, but you could also use it to inform many things about your business.

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