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Get Complete Data Through Kokatto Analytics

Kokatto Analytics is a service to help you on collecting data accurately and completely. Kokatto Analytics brings business intelligence to your business and helps your business to do data analytics. It will help you to decide which step forward you should take according to Analytics data.

When running a business, every business owner will meet problems and challenges in the process. Therefore, you should find out how to solve the problem you meet through the process. Meanwhile, challenges you will meet in business sometimes could only be seen when you see them through the data.

Through Analytics, you could acquire thorough data reports and allow you to run data analytics on business performance in a certain time period as an evaluation to improve business quality and also business strategy in near future.

What is Analytics from Kokatto?

Analytics by Kokatto will support data analytics on your business by giving you business-related data completely and thoroughly. Analytics will help your business to obtain very useful data which you could analyze deeply and process into business and marketing strategy for your business.

Kokatto Analytics Feature

Analytics has quite a few features which will help process data analytics on your business more effectively. Here are some features you will gain from using Analytics by Kokatto

Main Dashboard

You will gain the latest data and information from other Kokatto features, such as performance data of WhatsApp, Email, SMS, and customer service. Those data will be provided daily in the shape of charts, numbers, and percentages.

Daily Report Progress

You will also receive your business progress or performance report on a daily basis. You could find out which area did not meet the target in that period of time.

By using Analytics by Kokatto features, you could gain more important information and insight in real time for your business. You will also be able to decide which step to take in your business strategy. The data analytics process in your business will become much more effective by using Analytics by Kokatto features!

The Importance of Data Analytics

Data analytics will help businesses achieve their goals. For example, an improvement in sales, effective marketing strategy, efficient business operations, trend analysis, and overall business performance. Here are a few other reasons why you should start doing data analytics in your business

Better Decision Making

Data analytics will help you to process the data you acquired into important information. You could take the information into consideration when you make your decision. Data itself is very important in decision-making because it will help the decision more precisely. The risk that arises should be more minimal.

Easier Data Calculation

It is easier to measure your business's daily activity in the form of data such as statistical data. Statistical data would be a huge support for your business. Through the data analytics process, it is easier to reach conclusions, calculations, and analyses.

Improving Business Productivity and Efficiency

The business consists of many parts and data. You will have a problem if you analyze each data. Data analytics will help you analyze the outline of the data and receive insight. With that, you will know the priority areas that need improvement. Thus, business productivity and efficiency will be increased.

Better Risk Mitigation

Data analytics will help you to predict and find out what step would be ineffective. The data analytics will also estimate potential risk and prepare preventive steps before it happens.

Increasing Business Security

In the digital era, data leakage would be the biggest concern for every business owner. By using data analytics, you could support the improvement of your business's internal cyber security, while also preventing external cyber threats that potentially harm business.

Deciding Market Segmentation

One of the most important benefits you will get with data analytics is deciding on market segmentation. Market segmentation could be determined by data. Data that have been analyzed will help you understand your target market and classify it by its interest and demography. Doing that will help you decide what marketing strategy will fit your target market and market segmentation.

Improving Product and Service Quality

Insight from the data analytics process will show product and service performance from a certain period of time. Whether the performance is increasing or decreasing, it is possible that it is because of your product and service quality. The insight will help you determine the business strategy you need to improve the product and service quality.

Data Analytics by Kokatto will help your business to develop. Especially because solid data becomes the basis reason for the decision or commonly known as data-driven choice.

Tips on Analytics Data Process

There are a few tips you need to follow to ensure your analytics data process will result in accurate and right insight. Here are the tips:

  • Determine basic questions as a reason for the data analytics process. Find out the root of the problem and figure out the solution. Then, the step will be more focused on the answer to the problem.
  • Collecting relevant data through qualitative or quantitative methods. There are a few methods you could use to collect data. Analytics by Kokatto will help you collect the data you need for your business.
  • Organizing your data through data cleaning to make it easier to process. Basically, it is the same process as filtering data to clean out the outlier, duplicate, and irrelevant data.
  • Analyzing data according to its type and output you expect. For example, there are descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive data analytics processes. In this step, you will determine what step to take towards the data and also the business strategy you need to decide on in the future.

Get your Insight with Analytics by Kokatto!

Analytics by Kokatto will help you collect important information for your business, such as daily and monthly reports, customer messages, and also customer service agents in form of numbers and charts. By using Analytics by Kokatto, you will get your data analytics experience which will be important to determine your business strategy!

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