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Use WhatsApp Business Official API Service Indonesia and Reach Consumers
In 2017, Whatsapp officially introduced its newest application called Whatsapp for Business. As the name implies, this one application is intended for business people. The existence of Whatsapp Business can enable business people in Indonesia to communicate more easily with their consumers. For those of you who have a business or corporate, make sure you don't miss the official Whatsapp for Business Indonesia app
What is the WhatsApp Business API?
With the official API from WhatsApp business, you can take advantage of the maximum delivery of notifications to customers. As a WhatsApp Business API user you will also get an Official Business Account with an account name that has been verified and gets a green check. Interacting with consumers through an Official Business Account will certainly be more trusted. Consumers also no longer need to be afraid if they will experience fraud. At each Official Business Account will also always be equipped with the label "Business Account" in it. Unlike a regular WhatsApp account, a WhatsApp Business account can be equipped with a variety of important information about the company. Starting from a brief information about the products or services being sold, the company's official website, company working hours, to the complete address of the company. Businesses can also include a Google Maps link to make it easier for consumers to know the location of your store or office. The amount of information that has been listed on WhatsApp Business can make consumers know more complete and detailed company information.
How does the WhatsApp Business API work?
Please note that there are a variety of Indonesian official WhatsApp business official rules and policies that you need to obey. Ignoring the rules set by WhatsApp will only make your Business Account blocked by WhatsApp itself. One of the provisions of WhatsApp Business that you need to obey is the prohibition to sell illegal products. Some illegal products referred to by WhatsApp are animals, alcohol, and so on. The initial step that needs to be taken to create the WhatsApp Business API is to verify the Facebook Business process. You inform Facebokk Business Manager ID that your business belongs to the official Business Service Provider, Kokatto. Verification will proceed with submitting the account name and telephone number to be registered.
What is the Business Benefit from WhatsApp Business API?
  1. Linking your system to the WhatsApp system via the API for automated notifications
  2. Doing WhatsApp blast is sending thousands of messages simultaneously with dynamic content
  3. Interactive communication with customers via chatbot want with your customer service
  4. Send image and PDF media via WhatsApp
  5. Get an official and verified WhatsApp Business account
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