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30 April 2023 Consumer Profile

A business must know the consumer profile so that it can run well. The more a business knows about the customer it is targeting, the more effective the marketing strategy will be. So it's better if a business must first identify the target market and the customers it is aiming for.

Well-organized consumer profiles will expedite sales. By knowing these profiles, the products made can also be customized. Let's check out the meaning of consumer profiles and their benefits for a business.


Business and Customers

A business always needs customers. Without a customer, a transaction cannot occur. The phrase customer is king in Indonesian makes sense considering how important customers are for business. Thanks to customers, a business can survive and thrive.

Especially now that the existing business is very competitive. The number of people who choose at this time makes the business world quite competitive. Everyone is vying for customers. The products sold today have their own innovations to attract customers.

In addition, a business usually uses certain marketing strategies. Selling without a plan is not enough. You must have a good business plan accompanied by a well-thought marketing strategy so that your brand and products can be recognized by potential customers.

Marketing is needed by every business to help potential customers recognize the product and brand. Marketing itself consists of many activities, such as promotion, determining target markets, and identifying customers. Identifying customers is also important so that the products made can be in accordance with the target market.


Consumer Profile

A consumer profile is one of the most important bases in marketing. By knowing consumer profiles, many things can be done if you know consumer profiles. Consumer profiles generally contain basic information about these customers and their shopping behavior.

The consumer profile itself is important to assist businesses in determining an effective marketing strategy. An effective marketing strategy will help the product not only be recognized but also well-received by the public. Therefore, consumer profiles are needed to map the customers you want to target.

If a business knows what kind of customer it is targeting, it will be a little easier to plan accordingly. Without detailed planning and targets that are too broad, the marketing strategy becomes too general and marketing does not focus on a particular target.


Various Consumer Profiles

There are several kinds of consumer profiles that you can use to classify consumer profiles. The following are some profiling categories that you can use to help profile consumers:

  1. Geographic Profiling

    This profiling divides the consumer profile based on the location of the customer or geographical area. Usually, a customer has a lot in common with other customers if they live in a certain area. It can also help to define a marketing strategy for a particular area.
    For example, buyers who are on the island of Sumatra usually have something in common that makes them the same marketing target. So if a business wants to open branches in various regions, it must use marketing strategies for different regions depending on the area it is targeting.

  2. Demographic Profiling

    This consumer profiling profile is the most frequently used type. Categories such as age, gender, education, or marital status are part of this profiling. Some of these categories are often used to divide consumers through standard categories.
    For example, a consumer in the teenage age category requires a much different approach than an elderly consumer. A business cannot use the same approach if it wants to market both products. At the very least, you should be able to find similarities between the two categories.

  3. Psychographic Profiling

    Dividing this consumer profile uses a psychographic approach. This makes you have to look at the details of consumers who have certain hobbies or habits. You then have to analyze these habits so you can understand what kind of communication you can use.
    You can also do this profiling by simply seeing what habits your customers usually do. Usually, these customers have the same pattern. For example, they may have a hobby that is interesting in automotive and also tends to make purchases in your business.

  4. Behavioral Profiling
    This profiling uses a behavioral approach. The behavior referred to in this profile is the shopping behavior carried out by these customers. You can see a list of transactions they have made so you can see how you should carry out your next marketing strategy.
    For example, many customers buy certain items in your shop at the beginning of the month. That way, you can market other goods and give promotional prices at the beginning of the month. Or you can also provide more stock at that time so you don't run out of stock when the customer makes the purchase.


Benefits of Consumer Profiles

After you know several kinds of consumer profiles, you also have to know the benefits that you can get from consumer profiles. The following are some of the benefits of a consumer profile that you can experience for your business:

  1. Increase Customer Loyalty
    The first benefit is that it can increase customer loyalty. By using a consumer profile, you can find out whether existing products match the characteristics of these customers. If not, you can adjust whether the quality of the product matches the characteristics of the customer so that you can retain customers.
  2. Meet Customer Needs

    Every customer has different needs. With a consumer profile, you can adjust the products you sell. Through this profiling, you can adjust whether the needs of customers in that category meet their needs. If not, you can evaluate it so you can meet customer needs.

  3. Compete with Competitors

    Having a consumer profile also makes your business survive and compete with competitors. When competitors have a target market with specific products, you can see what the target market needs. You can choose products that are more specific in order to beat competitors.

This is a brief explanation of the consumer profile and why it is needed by your business. It is important for a business to know customers so you can continue to adapt and evaluate. Customers can help a business to grow and survive.

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