Virtual Assistant: Definition, Tasks, and The Benefit 

25 Juni 2023 Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant are now starting to be widely used by business people. As the name suggests, virtual assistant of course work virtually. So, why are virtual assistant getting busier now, and what can these assistant do virtually?

Virtual itself is no longer a foreign word today. Many activities already use a virtual style, namely virtual learning, virtual reality, and others. Therefore, slowly of course people are used to it and it seems that there will be more other activities that can be carried out virtually.

Moreover, recently a pandemic hit the world. Its spread, which can infect other people easily and quickly, has made the world paranoid. This made face-to-face interaction activities stop to stop the spread of the Covid virus.

Instead, many activities must be carried out virtually. Workers and students have to work and study virtually. Only those who are in the essential sector are allowed to carry out face-to-face interactions. But surprisingly, it turned out that it went well.

For some time, most workers had to work virtually or remotely. This has worked so well that even now many offices are implementing the WFA or Work from Anywhere concept. Likewise, the hybrid concept requires employees to come in a few days a week and the rest can be done remotely.

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Definition of Virtual Assistant

One of the work concepts that is widely used is the virtual assistant. This virtual assistant job has been widely used by those who are in business lately. The work of an assistant is very synonymous with working for someone in a close physical sphere.

But as time goes by, there are also many jobs from assistant that can be done virtually. The assistant's work varies depending on each company and the sector in which the company operates. Here are some job duties that are generally required by companies:

  1. Managing Administration
    This is one of the main jobs of the assistant. Usually, they will take care of the administration needed for the boss's job. This is because usually the boss assigned to him certainly has very busy work activities to take care of the administration itself.
    Therefore, they need an assistant to help them. Because now everything is digital, this makes the assistant needed by them also able to do these things digitally. You must be prepared to find out information for various administrative matters that must be carried out.
  2. Set Schedule
    Personal assistant are usually hired for those who are inadequate positions in the office and have extraordinary busyness. So do not be surprised if the assistant usually has a myriad of jobs and a variety of activities that must be followed.
    So it's only natural that the assistant is in charge of managing the schedule due to the many agendas, such as meeting agendas and other agendas. Luckily now, you can manage and remind schedules through the calendar on your smartphone. So even if you work remotely, you can still manage the schedule you need.
  3. Personal Assistant
    Virtual assistant also often double as personal assistant for certain individuals. Things that must be taken care of also vary, ranging from small things to big things. Call it compiling and reporting the daily agenda, making sure things are according to the wishes of the individual, and so on.
    Like the administration, many things can be done online at this time. For example, such as ordering food, ordering vehicles, and others. This of course will make the assistant's job easier than before when they had to directly visit the place beforehand.
  4. Serving Customers
    Virtual assistant themselves have different job descriptions depending on what sector the company is operating in. Not infrequently, assistant must be able to have good communication because they are also tasked with serving customers with all kinds of questions and complaints.
    This usually happens in companies with a smaller scale so that before being sent to the responsible department, the assistant is in charge of accommodating complaints or suggestions submitted to customers regarding the products they buy. So do not be surprised if many assistant have a myriad of jobs.
  5. Data Entry
    Virtual assistant also has several other tasks, such as data entry for example. This is also usually done because even though data entry work is not difficult, it requires precision and thoroughness as assistant usually have. Although actually, data entry is not the main task of the assistant.
    When entering data, the assistant is tasked with entering data into the system. In addition, the assistant must also ensure that the data is correct and there are no errors in entering it. After the data is appropriate, the assistant is also tasked with archiving or deleting data that is no longer used.


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Benefits of Virtual Assistant

There are many benefits that a business can get by using a virtual assistant, such as:

  1. Practical
    Whether using a human virtual assistant or artificial intelligence, virtual use is much more practical than the presence of a physical assistant. This business can be managed from anywhere without requiring hassle because everything is digitally practical.
  2. Efficient
    In terms of time and cost, of course, using a virtual assistant will be much more efficient. You don't have to meet in person to put forward the required agenda. You only need to give orders through the platform you are using. Also, you don't need a workspace for the assistant because he works remotely.
  3. Systematic
    Because virtually, it means that the work done by the assistant must be accurate. Because of that, virtual assistant are usually more systematic so that agendas that must be carried out can be done on time. With various existing digital platforms, usually your system and the virtual assistant will be integrated so you don't have to bother looking at it manually.

This is a brief explanation of the virtual assistant. At present, digital progress is developing further so that various sectors including business feel the benefits. Even though there are drawbacks, digital progress itself provides significant benefits.

Many things that can be done virtually make it easier for many people, including customers. Because of this, various companies are competing to have virtual services so they can provide quality service for their business customers.

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