The Definition of Chat API and WhatsApp Business API

30 April 2023 Chat API

The usage of chat API is now being seen more and more often. Aside from chatting being one of the most frequently used forms of communication, the use of APIs in chat makes it easy to combine and integrate with the systems the business needs.

One of the most used forms of API chat today is WhatsApp API. Moreover, WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging application in Indonesia. Therefore, let's get to know chat API and what advantages users can get by using WhatsApp Business API

Use of Instant Messaging Apps

Currently, the use of instant messaging applications is increasing. The use of a simple instant messaging application makes many people prefer using the application. Today's instant messaging application is even the most used messaging platform, especially for communication needs.

Instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp are also used not only for communication purposes but for business and other purposes. Instant messaging applications also only require the internet and do not require costs such as sending messages via SMS.

Moreover, the activity of sending messages has been done for a long time as a form of communication. Starting from sending letters, and telegrams, to writing text via email. So it's no wonder that instant messaging applications are becoming popular. Advances in technology have made exchanging instant messages so much easier.


WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging applications. Not only in Indonesia, but WhatsApp is also the most widely used instant messaging application in the world. It is because WhatsApp is easy to use and provides many features to its users.

The WhatsApp application is also light to use so it doesn't bother the phone. In addition, there are many things that make WhatsApp often used other than exchanging messages. The following are some of the features of WhatsApp provides to its users

  • Video and Voice Calls

One of the features most frequently used by WhatsApp users is the video and voice call feature. Initially, WhatsApp was an instant messaging application. But as technology develops, the features on Whatsapp are also added. One of the features that are interesting is video and voice calls.

The costs required to make video and voice calls are the same as sending messages on WhatsApp. You don't need to pay a fee, but you must have an internet connection connected to your device to use it. Until today, these two features are now commonly used by its users.

  • WhatsApp Stories

This one feature may be more familiar among users who are in the younger range. This feature is actually not a new feature because you can see this feature on Instagram or Snapchat users. However, on social media, the demographics of its users are certainly different from WhatsApp users.

That's what makes this feature quite often used by WhatsApp users. Although this is not a new innovation, this one feature is interesting enough for its users to use it frequently. The feature let it’s users to post short videos for their contacts

  • Sending Files

Sometimes just sending messages will be boring. That's what makes WhatsApp provide a feature that allows users to send other things besides just messages. Starting from photos and videos, contacts, to documents you can send via WhatsApp. You can also use polls on WhatsApp.

Chat API

Currently, instant messaging applications have been developed. Currently, there is a term, namely the chat API. API itself stands for Application Programming Interface. In short, the API makes applications such as the chat API application, which can be integrated with other applications to help them.

As technology continues to develop, chat API is currently being created. One of the chat APIs itself is in the instant messaging application, namely the WhatsApp Business API. The use of the chat API on WhatsApp makes it an application that can be used for various purposes, especially business needs.

The chat API application on WhatsApp is the WhatsApp Business API. However, you have to use a Business Service Provider like Kokatto to get it. The WhatsApp Business API itself has several distinct advantages compared to the WhatsApp Business API features. The following are the advantages of the WhatsApp Business Chat API

  • One Number for Various Admins

One of the advantages of the chat API on the WhatsApp Business API is that you can use one number for various admins. If you have a growing business, of course, you need more than one admin to serve customers. Not to mention if you sell your products on several channels.

With one number for various admins, you only need to put one contact number to include on your business profile. Later, several admins can serve and remain unified in one system.

  • Integrated with Customer Service

Another advantage of the chat API on the WhatsApp Business API is that the system you use will be integrated with CRM or Customer Relationship Management. This will be useful for those of you who want to keep a customer database. The database will later be stored and you can use it for various things.

  • Verified Business Account

Currently, the number of frauds via instant messaging is one of the problems. Therefore, the verification mark on your WhatsApp Business account can help. Having a verification mark can make customers trust your account more so customers don't doubt the authenticity of your business.

  • Become a Chatbot

The last advantage of the WhatsApp Business API is that you can make it a chatbot to serve your customers. Sometimes, customers have certain questions they want to ask. With a chatbot, you can answer common questions from them with the answers you have provided.

This chatbot is also useful 24/7, so you don't have to worry if you're not online at that time. Chatbot will answer questions from customers. The existence of this system allows a business to provide maximum service to customers.

This is a brief explanation of the chat API and the WhatsApp Business API and their advantages. You can use it for your business needs. With the features you have, you can serve customers better so that you can help grow your business.

Apart from the WhatsApp Business API mentioned above, Kokatto also provides other features such as OTP Miscall and automated IVR calls. These features can help you improve the quality of business services. If you have questions about the WhatsApp Business API and others, you can directly visit Kokatto!

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