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Easy Way to Increase Customer Experience with IVR Solution Indonesia
Imagine you can interact with thousands of your customers simultaneously via telephone calls without involving customer service agents. Kokatto IVR Solution provides a cheaper, more efficient and effective way to deliver notifications to customers throughout Indonesia or the world.
What is IVR Solution?
As the best IVR solution vendor in Indonesia, Kokatto provides IVR Solution service which is a telephone automation system, where you can send or blast telephone simultaneously to your customers. Kokatto uses prerecorded telephones so that the phone sounds more natural but dynamic, where each customer can be called with a different script. With the ability of intelligent system alogritma, this system is also able to do a Retry Strategy or automatic redials for calls that fail so that you can feel an increase in calls that are picked up. Customers can also interact by pressing certain numbers at the end of the call to get additional information or be connected to your customer service team.
How does IVR Solution work?
After the system receives data for processing, the system will automatically send telephone calls simultaneously, then customers who have not successfully answered the phone, will be automatically contacted again. At the same time, you can also monitor the entire call process that runs through the Kokatto portal. As mentioned above, the workings of this system are fairly easy and practical. Where every time the consumer will make a call on the number listed it will automatically be answered by the voice of the operator. The operator's voice that is heard is the result of a voice recording that has been made previously. Make sure the information you have prepared is so detailed and clear, considering that the telephone call is answered by the voice of the operator. The more detailed and clear the information conveyed will be directly proportional to the level of consumer satisfaction. Interestingly, the use of IVR no longer makes language a problem in communication. The IVR system has been equipped with multiple language operation features that can make consumers choose the language that suits their needs. Generally, there are two language choices you can choose, namely English and Indonesian. Every time a consumer makes a phone call, automatically the data and information about that consumer will be directly received by your company. You can use this data to find out consumers' demographics and find out complaints and questions raised by these consumers.
What is the Business Benefit of IVR Solution?
  1. Notification cost savings up to 83% *
  2. Higher phone call connectivity up to 2x *
  3. Unlimited phone call capacity
  4. Reducing the risk of errors due to human factors
  5. More secure data security
  6. Can combine several media (WhatsApp, SMS, Emai) in a telephone interaction
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