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26 Mei 2023 WhatsApp Auto Reply

The WhatsApp Auto Reply feature is now often a feature used by business people who have WhatsApp. This cannot be separated from the convenience they get from using these features. Especially now that there are so many WhatsApp users in Indonesia and the world.

WhatsApp is currently quite often used by the public as a medium of communication. However, nowadays more and more people are trying to sell on WhatsApp. Especially because WhatsApp has a version that can be used by sellers, namely WhatsApp Business. Check out the meaning of WhatsApp Business and the WhatsApp Auto Reply feature that sellers can use.


WhatsApp Business

Before discussing further WhatsApp Auto Reply, we must first understand the provider's application, WhatsApp Business. Whatsapp business appears to accommodate WhatsApp users who want to sell via WhatsApp. This decision is not surprising, considering the large number of WhatsApp users.

Not only small businesses, many big businesses now use WhatsApp Business to help their business. Although usually, big businesses only use WhatsApp Business as one of the channels because it is widely used. However, the large number of WhatsApp users makes WhatsApp Business so potential. There are several interesting features found in WhatsApp Business

  1. Catalog
    Like a store, WhatsApp provides a catalog feature for sellers. That way, sellers can sell their wares like online shops in other media. Customers can also easily view available items so they only need to choose which item they want to buy.
  2. Business Profile
    The WhatsApp Business also provides business profiles for sellers who want to put information about the business they are in. Starting from the name and address, you can also put other contact information. Apart from that, you can also set the active hours of your online store so customers know when you will respond to their chat.
  3. Label
    The label itself is a very helpful feature for sellers. With labels, sellers can differentiate customer chats so that the possibility of miscommunication can be reduced. You can distinguish between chat customers who have just ordered and customers who have made payments and are waiting for the goods to arrive.
  4. Broadcast Messages
    You can also blast or broadcast messages to your subscribers. Especially if you have a new product or product that you want to promote. You don't need to bother sending them one by one. You can broadcast so you can send multiple messages at once.
  5. WhatsApp Auto Reply
    The WhatsApp Auto Reply business feature is very useful for sellers who have to serve many customers. With auto-replies, it will help sellers both during peak hours and not. There are several types of messages that sellers can use to reply to customers, such as away messages, quick messages, or greetings.


How to Use WhatsApp Auto Reply

But to use WhatsApp Auto Reply, there are several steps you must take first. The following are the steps intended to use WhatsApp Auto Reply:

  1. Open the WhatsApp Business Application
    To use WhatsApp Auto Reply, you must first open the WhatsApp Business application. After that, you can click the 'Business Tools' button, then you can select 'Away message'. To use it, you have to slide the toggle so that the away message is active.
  2. Select the Away Message You Want to Deliver
    After turning it on, you can edit and write away messages that you want to convey to customers. Using this away message means your WhatsApp Business account will automatically reply to messages from customers when you are not there.
  3. Choose When to Send WhatsApp Auto Reply
    Next, you have to schedule when WhatsApp Auto Reply is active. There are three options you can choose from. The first is 'Always Send', which means your WhatsApp Auto Reply will be active at any time. The second is 'Custom Schedule' which means you can only send WhatsApp auto replies at certain times.
    The third is 'Outside of Business Hours', which means WhatsApp Auto Reply will be active outside working hours. This third option can only be used if you have set working hours on your WhatsApp Business profile.
  4. Select Recipients
    The final step to activate WhatsApp Auto Reply is to select recipients who will receive message content from WhatsApp Auto Reply. There are four recipient options that you can choose to receive the message. The first is 'Everyone' Without exception, WhatsApp Auto Reply will give a reply when the Away Message feature is turned on.
    The second is 'Everyone not in the address book'. This option makes the message that is created only be sent to customers whose contacts you don't save. The third is 'Everyone Except...', which you can use to make exceptions on WhatsApp Auto Reply.
    The last one is 'Only Send to'. This option means that the message you have created will only be sent automatically to the recipient you have selected. That way, not everyone will get WhatsApp Auto Reply when you're not actively replying to messages.


Benefits of Whatsapp Auto Reply for Business

After seeing how to use WhatsApp Auto Reply, you must be wondering whether this can help in doing business. The following are some of the benefits that sellers will get by using WhatsApp Auto Reply for the business they are running.

  1. Safe
    Like regular WhatsApp, the WhatsApp Auto Reply feature ensures that chats that occur between sellers and buyers are only known by both parties. That way, you don't need to be afraid that a third party will read the message even if you use WhatsApp Business API.
  2. Informed Customers
    With the WhatsApp Auto Reply feature, you can provide information to customers about your shop. That way, customers know when the shop's hours are active and when the seller will reply to the chat.
  3. 24/7 service
    Sometimes, customers like to start chatting at unusual hours. The WhatsApp Auto Reply feature can show customers that incoming messages will always be replied to. Even though the message is an automated message, it can assure customers who want to buy the item.

This is a brief explanation of WhatsApp Auto Reply and how to use it. WhatsApp Auto Reply is one of the features found in WhatsApp Business that can help you provide the best service for customers.

Apart from that, you can use the WhatsApp Business API from Kokatto for other features that can make it easier for you to sell. Apart from that, there are other features such as Automated IVR Call and One Time Password to help your business. Visit Kokatto for more information!

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