Marketing Automation: Definition & Example in Business

24 Juni 2023 Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is increasingly being used by many companies. Moreover, there are more and more technologies that can support it. This allows companies to use it for various activities, starting from the most essential or not. 

So don't be surprised if you find more and more companies using marketing automation. Apart from its many benefits, marketing automation is also easy to implement. Keep reading this article to find out how marketing automation can help make it easier for you to run a business.


Marketing in Business

Marketing and business are two closely related things. When you run a business, you have to do marketing. With marketing activities, you get many benefits. Starting from the awareness side to increasing sales, you can feel the impact. That is the reason why you cannot separate marketing and the business you run.

A company must be more creative in carrying out marketing activities because ordinary marketing activities may not be enough in this competitive market. You have to think creatively and innovatively to have a significant impact on your business marketing.

With increasingly advanced technology, companies must also be able to adapt. This adaptation must also be made for various sides including marketing. A company must be able to accommodate and reach its target customers. Therefore, today's marketing techniques are increasingly diverse.

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Marketing Automation

Advances in technology make many things that can be done automatically. Both from daily activities to work. One of those things is from a marketing perspective. This is called marketing automation.

Currently, marketing automation is one of the things that is increasingly being used by various companies. What exactly is marketing automation? Marketing automation is a system that can help a company to run marketing on various business channels automatically.

Marketing automation makes marketing activities carried out by a company easier than before. Starting from identifying the intended target customers, carrying out promotional activities, to contacting customers within a predetermined time.


Benefits of Marketing Automation

After knowing the definition of marketing automation, of course, you may feel even more curious about how marketing automation can help companies in the current situation. The following are some of the benefits of marketing automation that can be felt by business owners

  1. Save Marketing Budget
    Finance is one of the most crucial things in a company. If there's anything that can help run a business at a cost that remains efficient, marketing automation could be the answer. With a system that has been built, a company does not need to use a lot of human resources.
  2. More Efficient Time
    One of the strengths that are always felt from an automation system in various sectors is a more efficient time. In marketing activities, the time spent is sometimes quite a lot so it is quite time-consuming. Starting from planning marketing activities to executing these marketing activities.
    Therefore, marketing automation will help companies to save time in carrying out marketing activities. This will help a company to use this time for more marketing activities so that the marketing reach becomes wider.
  3. Easier to Reach Customers
    Because customers are an important part of a business, it would be very good if a business could get as many customers as possible. With marketing automation, it will be easier to realize. With a broad reach across various channels, more customers can be reached in a shorter time.
  4. Help Understand Customers
    Customers are an important part of a business. Therefore, besides a company must be able to find customers, retaining customers is equally important for a company. To be able to do this, a company must be able to understand customers better.
    This can be helped by the existence of marketing automation. Marketing automation allows companies to reach a wider range of customers across multiple channels. In addition, marketing automation can also help companies personalize their customers so that customers have a bond.


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Example of Marketing Automation

After understanding what marketing automation can offer, you also need to know examples so you have a vision of how it can help your business. The following are some examples of marketing automation that you can use for your business

  1. Welcome Email
    Email is a channel that is often used by companies to carry out promotions. Therefore, you should be able to get customer email contacts to help you do your marketing. One way you can do this is by asking customers to fill out emails on various channels. After that, you can send a welcome email to help you start communicating with customers.
  2. Email Reminder
    Customer retention is one of the things you have to do in business. Email reminders can be one way. With the system that you use, you can remind customers if the items they put in the basket are at a promotional price or if the items in stock are only a few left.
  3. Newsletters
    Marketing is not only about hard-sell promotions. You can do a soft-sell promotion with a newsletter. With a newsletter, you can provide useful information about your content or business to help your customers get information.
  4. Automatic Reply
    Apart from doing promotions, you can also serve customers with marketing automation. Currently, many service providers can help you reply to customer messages automatically, such as Kokatto. You can reply to customer messages for specific messages so they don't have to wait long.
    Marketing activities in business will be quite helped by marketing automation. As mentioned before, you need to be able to take advantage of technology and implement it in your business to adapt and take you one step further with your business.


One of the marketing automation services that you can use is the chatbot service. Apart from that, you can also use other services such as customer care and data analytics. These three products are services provided by Kokatto. For more information, you can visit Kokatto!

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