The Importance of Branding Strategy for Your Business

28 Mei 2023 Branding Strategy

Branding strategy is an important thing to do, even if your brand is small. This is because every business must have an identity so that it can be different from other brands. Of course, the identity that is formed is not just an artificial identity.

For a business, sales are everything. But that doesn't mean anything, only sales are thought of. There are several ways to increase sales, one of which is through the right branding strategy. Read this article to find out the definition of a branding strategy and the necessary elements of a branding strategy.



Branding is a word that is currently used quite often in business. Especially in the era of social media where now users are also competing to sell themselves. Many people compete to have their branding, either as fashion or beauty vloggers, pranksters, and others.

Of course, they do this to differentiate themselves from other users. That is what a brand should have. Currently, in any line, competition is getting tougher. Both big and small brands have their respective competitors. The happiest customer because they have many choices.

Unlike a brand or a business. If he makes the slightest mistake, there will always be a possibility for loyal customers to switch to competitors. For that, a brand must have an identity. Apart from making it easier for the public to recognize, it makes the brand its soul.

Therefore, now more and more are trying to brand their own business. You can see how a brand tries to brand itself from various things. Like his social media feeds, the content he creates, to the product packaging they make.

However, branding itself cannot be realized just as a business wants. Several things must be done so that branding can run smoothly. In addition to preparing the elements needed, a business must also have a branding strategy in understanding and implementing this branding.


Branding Strategy

A branding strategy is quite important for you to have to achieve the branding goals you want. Branding strategy itself is a strategy carried out by a business to present an image to be introduced to the public. That way, subconsciously customers can associate an image with the business in question.

With a branding strategy, the branding you want to display is also easier to realize. When customers feel related and can associate your business with the image you want. This means that the branding strategy that you are running is going well.


Branding Strategy Elements

For a branding strategy to work well, there must be elements that you think about. The following are some of the elements that are an important part of a branding strategy

  1. Emotion
    One element of branding strategy that is currently important is emotion. Currently, more and more competitors are selling products with more or less the same product quality. Therefore, elements such as emotions can give prospects and loyal customers a more personal feeling.
    By involving emotions, customers will be able to feel more related to a business. Later, this can also have a positive impact on customer retention. Moreover, some customers are more focused on using feelings when buying a product.
  2. Objective
    Another branding strategy element that you need to think about is his goals. Of course, this is certainly not difficult because every business, of course, when established has its own goals. You can also make this goal part of what you offer to customers.
    Even though the goal of doing business is of course to make a profit, you also have to think about what vision you want to achieve. 
    You can also share the goals of the business to customers so they can feel related. It's important for every business to have a vision. That way, the seller will have the motivation to run the business so that business activities will be carried out with sincerity.
  3. Consistent
    The next branding strategy element that is important to do is consistency. In this era of social media, especially for a brand, consistency is key. Because all brands also do the same thing, namely doing branding. Therefore, for the branding you want to be felt by customers, consistency is needed.
    Consistency, it means that the image you want will be seen by customers. You also have to use the branding on various channels so that it doesn't look different. It will also help you to maintain customer retention who are happy with the brand image that you have built.
  4. Flexible
    Flexibility is an element of your branding strategy that you need to think about. Given that in this increasingly modern era, change can easily occur. Even though you have certain goals and ideologies, the inability to adapt will hamper your business.
    Even big brands can fall back if they are stubborn and reluctant to adapt. There will always be new ideas on the market that can replace old ideas. By being flexible, you are also able to accept advice from other parties regarding your business so that it can continue to grow.
  5. Loyalty
    The last branding strategy element you need to think about is loyalty. Examples include giving rewards to loyal customers. This can show customers your gratitude and it is your way of appreciating customers.
    You can also maintain good relations with customers. That way, the brand image that you get will also feel more positive. You also indirectly show customers that you are not wasting customer loyalty.

This is a brief explanation of the branding strategy and the elements of the branding strategy that we need to think about. If you are just starting a business, you should start thinking about what kind of image you want from your business. That way, you can run marketing and sales simultaneously.

You can use a variety of things to show the branding you want to display. Like using the broadcast feature offered by Kokatto to send promotional content. In addition, there are other features such as data analytics and chatbots that can help grow your business. For more information, you can directly visit Kokatto!

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