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Omnichannel platform to integrate WhatsApp Business API, SMS, Email, Voice, Marketplace, and Social Media in one dashboard
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Boost brand communication efficiency
Connect with global customers and bring the conversations together in a single dashboard. Communicate your business without limits through broadcast and customer service builder.
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Enchance customer experiences with AI Chatbot & Flexible APIs support
You can modify Kokatto based on your company's needs with 24/7 direct support. No coding experience, no worries. It's that easy to simplify your business operations.
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Applying data-driven business decision
Monitor the monthly data performance to enhance business services based on your customer needs.
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WhatsApp API
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Verified WhatsApp Business API
icon Robot
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Integrated Instagram Direct Message & FB Messenger
icon Scheduler
Scheduling Broadcast Message
icon Verified
Verified WhatsApp Business API
icon Robot
icon Meta
Integrated Instagram Direct Message & FB Messenger
icon Scheduler
Scheduling Broadcast Message
icon Phone
Simultaneously and automatically blast thousands of calls
icon VoiceBot
icon Retry
Tailored retry and interval call strategy
icon OTP
Deliver OTPs through Whatsapp / SMS / Email in real-time, enhancing user experience and satisfaction
icon Security
Diversify delivery channels for heightened security and protection against potential threats
icon Connectivity
Connect with users on their preferred communication platforms, broadening your reach
icon Report
Cater to diverse user preferences, allowing them to receive OTPs through the channel most convenient for them
icon Reachability
Ensure the delivery of OTPs, even in areas with network challenges, through multiple redundant channels
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Facebook Integration
icon IG
Instagram Integration
icon Telegram
Telegram Integration (coming soon)
icon OfficialSenderId
Broadcast Message Using Official Sender ID
icon ScheduleMessage
Send a personalized and scheduler messages
icon Analytic
SMS & Email Analytics and Delivery Report
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HCI image Juraj Panek Collection Dev. Head Home Credit Indonesia “…from Kokatto I enjoyed the professional yet personal approach; [I also] enjoyed the quick response if there’s any request changes from us; technically I really enjoyed the time of deployment and how fast it was being done”
SunlifeFin image Elly Susanti Operational Director Sun Life “Ever since using Kokatto, we are able to decrease the cost. Secondly, we like to work together with Kokatto because they are responsive and they actively provide technological suggestions for our company”
Traveloka image Alvin Kumarga SVP, Financial Products and Services Traveloka “[Before Kokatto] there were 3 main issues with manual [BPO] notification processes. First, scalability… Second, quality control… Third, from the cost side, compared to BPO, Kokatto is much cheaper”
CIMB image Richard Wahongan SVP - Group Head, Collection Performance Management & Strategy “We are seeing positive effect such as the ability to see contact rate analytics for different customers segment. Secondly, we are seeing a significant increase in connected rate volume because of the simultaneous call capability from Kokatto”
UangTeman image Aidil Zulkifli CEO “Since partnering with Kokatto, we are able to double our notification throughput. We also do not need to worry about operational hours [compared to BPO] when trying to reach our customers”
Package Pricing
  • Outbound Message (One-Way Communication)
  • 5 Users Access
  • 5.000 Unique Customer Numbers per month
  • No Custom Report
  • No OTP/2FA for Login to Dashboard
  • No Dedicated Support
  • No Custom Dashboard Analytics
  • No Integration to CRM System
  • Outbound Message (One-Way Communication)
  • Inbound Message (Two-Way Communication)
  • 15 Users Access
  • 50.000 Unique Customer Numbers per month
  • Custom Report (Limited)
  • OTP/2FA for Login to Dashboard
  • Dedicated Support (24/7)
  • Integration to Instagram and Facebook
  • No Custom Dashboard Analytics
  • No Integration to CRM System
  • Outbound Message (One-Way Communication)
  • Inbound Message (Two-Way Communication)
  • Unlimited Users Access
  • Unlimited Unique Customer Numbers per month
  • Custom Report
  • OTP/2FA for Login to Dashboard
  • Dedicated Support (24/7)
  • Integration to Instagram and Facebook
  • Custom Dashboard Analytics
  • Integration to CRM System
  • Pre-define Chatbot
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What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API is an application program interface that allows businesses to receive and answer unlimited WhatsApp messages seamlessly. WhatsApp Business API was launched to help medium to large companies that wanted to use WhatsApp to communicate with multiple customers at scale. Since WhatsApp Business API is only an interface, it needs a separate CRM to engage with the customers. This means to use all the features provided with WhatsApp API, businesses need to have a dashboard provided by WhatsApp business providers like Kokatto

How is WhatsApp Business API different from WhatsApp Business App?

WhatsApp Business API is built for businesses that want to scale. Since WhatsApp Business App is for small businesses, it does not support features like bulk messages to customers,automatically trigger messages via integrations & APIs, and multiple logins & support dashboard.

What is Key Features of WhatsApp Business API?
  • Integrations with tools like CRM, analytics, and third-party apps
  • Green Tick, verified WhatsApp Business profile
  • Messages Broadcast for bulk notifications
  • No app or interface, you can use it via BSPs or Kokatto's portal
  • WhatsApp Chatbot & interactive messages support
  • Multi-agent access for customer support
How to get WhatsApp Business API?
In order to get a WhatsApp business API account, businesses need to follow 3 steps described below :
  • To begin with the process, you need to have a Facebook Business Manager ID with a verified number and display name.
  • Apply for WhatsApp Business API through a business solution provider like Kokatto
  • Activate phone number for WhatsApp Business account
How to verify Facebook Business Manager?
You can start the Facebook business verification process in business settings by going to Security Centre. In Security Centre, you can see your business verification status. To start the verification process, you can follow steps described below :
  • Go to Security Centre in Business Manager.
  • Click Start verification.
  • Enter your business details and click Next.
  • Select the correct business from the list or select None of these match if you can't see your business on the list.
  • Confirm your business details.
  • Choose to receive a verification code on your business phone number via a text message or phone, or via email.
  • Enter your verification code .
  • Click Submit.

Omnichannel as a Communication Platform

Omnichannel is not a usual term you’ve probably heard in your daily life. However, the use of omnichannel is more often than you think. Many businesses use omnichannel for various purposes, whether it is for marketing or customer communication service purposes.

Omnichannel itself is a part of technological development. No wonder you will see it more often in various businesses. Businesses should start to adapt so they can survive in a competitive world. Omnichannel is one example. Many small or even big businesses have already started to apply omnichannel in their services.

What is Omnichannel by Kokatto?

Many people who do not work in the business are probably wondering what omnichannel is and its use in business. People often tend to confuse omnichannel and multichannel. While those two use more than one channel for their business, they are actually quite different. Businesses use more than one channel because those are needed for today's business.

Businesses use more than one channel because there are many platforms nowadays for people. People have their own preferences for the channel they want to use. As we all know, there are many social media that people are using right now. Some of them only use one, while others use more than one social media.

The situation forces businesses to adapt and use more than one channel to be able to accommodate their customers because they have their own preferences for channels. That is why many businesses use multichannel. However, no matter how many channels you have if you cannot handle it properly. And that is the main reason why you should use omnichannel by Kokatto.

For those who are wondering what Omnichannel is, omnichannel is meaning a system that integrates channels that are used by customers. The omnichannel is used for providing customers with a comfortable brand experience that allows them to buy from any channel, but eventually will be integrated into one system.

It is a practical way to shop for customers considering businesses these days need to have more than one platform to sell their products. If in the past businesses sold their products only offline, now they could also sell their product online. There are also many ways for businesses to sell their product online.

They could sell their product on websites as many other businesses do. The marketplace is also one way to sell products, especially because the marketplace is a platform that is used mostly by customers. Social media is another way to sell products considering there are many social media users and most social media provide a way to sell products.

Tips on Using Omnichannel Marketing

As stated before, omnichannel could be used as a way to market your products. Marketing your products is as important as the quality of the product itself. Without proper marketing, no matter how great the product is, you cannot sell the product. That is why sometimes you could find a business that sells excellent products but only has a few customers. Here are a few tips for businesses that want to start using omnichannel marketing.

Collecting Data

Collecting data is one of the most important things in omnichannel marketing. By collecting data, you could understand your customer behavior in buying things. You also could grasp what your customers have in mind for marketing. After analyzing it, you could implement it into your marketing to make it more effective and efficient.

Having a Brand Guideline

Brand guidelines are getting more and more important these days. Especially with many competitors, a business needs to have something personal to make customers easily differentiate them from other businesses. Having a brand color or brand font is one example. By using it, the business will have a distinct concept from other businesses.

Put Customer as Priority

You should put customers first in every business. While using omnichannel marketing, you have to make sure that your marketing strategy is suitable to your target market. For example, if you want to grab younger adults' attention, you should start using social media such as Instagram or TikTok. You also have to make sure you offer services to help you retain them as your loyal customers.

The Benefit of Using Omnichannel in Customer Service

Having omnichannel by Kokatto will help a lot in business. Especially in today’s conditions where you also need to provide great services towards your customer service other than creating the best products. Here are a few benefits you will get by using omnichannel by Kokatto in your customer service area.

Extend Business Reach

By using omnichannel, your business will have an even wider business reach. Every platform has its market of users. That is why businesses need to communicate with customers on many platforms. Through omnichannel by Kokatto, businesses will get a boost in providing great customer service. Businesses should not be afraid of getting overwhelmed in using many channels because Kokatto will help to make it effective through one dashboard.

More Efficient

Giving services using omnichannel will be much more efficient. If businesses only use multichannel instead of omnichannel, they will be overwhelmed by the messages they receive. Omnichannel by Kokatto will help businesses to maintain and manage messages they get from their customers through one platform dashboard.

Better Customer Retention

Great customer service is one of the main reasons why the customer stays loyal. The customer will feel appreciated if the customer service satisfies them and listen to what they need. By using Omnichannel from Kokatto, businesses will be able to listen to messages from customers. With one dashboard, you will get organized messages from customers. That way, business messages will be organized and could be replied to accordingly.

If you are a business owner looking for an answer to help you manage chats from your customers, then you come to the right place. Kokatto will help you maintain those messages so your customers do not have to wait too long. Kokatto also provides other services regarding customer services.

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