Is Customer Satisfaction Important for a Business?

26 Juni 2023 Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the important things that businesses need to think about, both on a small and large scale. This is because customers are an important part of a business. So, customer satisfaction is one of the important factors that must be prioritized by businesses.

However, the notion of customer satisfaction is something that is not so familiar to new business people. Therefore, this article will discuss customer satisfaction, an indicator that is used to measure customer satisfaction and its benefits for an existing business.

Customers and Business

Customers and the business itself cannot be separated. Every existing business certainly needs customers. Without customers, a business cannot survive let alone thrive. That is why there is a phrase the customer is king to underline how important the customer's existence is.

This reason is also why many businesses justify any means to get customers. Sometimes some businesses use unethical ways of doing it. This of course cannot be justified. You have to do things that are following existing ethics and norms.

One way that must be done by a business in getting customers is to do promotions. Without promotion, a product or business will be more difficult for customers to recognize. With advances in technology, nowadays small businesses can also carry out promotions such as on their social media. This makes their product or business recognizable and has a wider reach.

However, what should the businessman do after that? Is it enough to just promote to get customers? The answer is no. You also have to be able to maintain loyal customers. Loyal customers are more likely to repeat orders because they are satisfied with the product. Customer satisfaction is usually called customer satisfaction.

Definition of Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is what every business is looking for. Why so? The definition of customer satisfaction is the feeling a customer gets after purchasing a product or service. Often, customer satisfaction is a measure of whether a business can provide products and serve customers well. In a way, customer satisfaction is the answer to the expectations that customers expect when making a purchase.

Today business is becoming more and more competitive before, both big business and small businesses. All existing innovations are certainly very useful to provide an advantage over other businesses, even if only a little. Innovation in services or products can also be obtained by a business with input and customer satisfaction levels.

Monitoring customer satisfaction and using it as a basis for evaluation should also be carried out by a business to always grow. However, a business must continue to make constant improvements so that it can always satisfy customers so that it can make the business grow.

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Customer Satisfaction Indicator

Customer satisfaction is important for a business, there are even ways to calculate customer satisfaction scores. There are several things that you can make as indicators of whether your business can satisfy customers. The following is the intended customer satisfaction indicator

  1. Product Quality
    As customers, of course, they buy a product because they want the goods they buy. Therefore of course they have expectations for the products they buy. So it makes sense that the first indicator of customer satisfaction is product quality. If it turns out that the product being sold is far above their expectations, they will feel happy. Vice versa. Therefore, you must continue to provide the highest quality products that you can produce with the abilities you have.
  2. Services Provided
    Product quality is not the sole reason customer satisfied. The next indicator of customer satisfaction is the service provided. Currently, existing businesses are mushrooming with competitive quality. Therefore, the service you provide can be a differentiator, especially now that customers are more sensitive than before to the services provided.
    So, don't be surprised if you see big brands providing high-class service to every customer. It is also a factor that makes customers loyal and choose the brand when buying a product.
  3. How to Get Products
    The following indicator of customer satisfaction is how to get the product. Currently, various factors make a business superior. One of them is how to get the product. You have to make sure the products you sell are easily accessible to your target customers. That way, he can buy your product without encountering difficulties. This is believed to give a sense of satisfaction to him.
  4. Product Price
    The price of a product is often considered to be the reason why people rarely buy an item. The purpose of this one customer satisfaction indicator is that the price listed should lie straight. Sometimes, the quality offered often does not reflect the price given to the buyer. That is why it is better to price a product, a business must carry out a fair process.
  5. Emotional Sense of Products
    The last indicator of customer satisfaction is the emotional feeling of the product. Sometimes a product doesn't always have to be expensive to suit someone. It is possible that someone has not found the right one. When you find the right product, it may look good. Customer satisfaction usually arises when he gets praise from other people when using the products you sell.


Benefits of Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction means a lot to a business. Apart from the meaning that the business is starting to be glimpsed, several other things are obtained from the many satisfied customers. The following are the benefits of customer satisfaction.

  1. Customers Become Loyal
    When you have met the indicators needed to satisfy customers, these customers can turn into loyal customers. Loyal customers are just as important as new customers. Therefore, you must provide quality services and products.
  2. Increase Revenue
    One of the benefits of customer satisfaction is increasing revenue. Of course, this is what all businesses want. By fulfilling the indicators mentioned earlier, a business will get regular customers which will have a significant effect on increasing revenue.
  3. Better Image Of the Business
    It's not only material that is obtained, another benefit from customer satisfaction is a business reputation that will get better. When a consumer is satisfied, they tend to provide recommendations to others. This will slowly raise the image of the business.


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Those are brief explanations of customer satisfaction as well as indicators and benefits. To improve these indicators, there are many things you can do. Whether it is through offline service or even online service.

Online service like Kokatto offers you features like customer care, you can provide important information about your product while giving great customer service. Apart from that, features such as chatbots and broadcasts can also offer customers the best service. For more information, you can visit Kokatto!

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