The Right Time to Send WhatsApp Schedule Messages

30 April 2023 WhatsApp Schedule Message

WhatsApp scheduled messages are one of the most useful features for its business users. This feature in WhatsApp Business aims to send instant messages on a predetermined schedule. You must be wondering how to use it.

Apart from discussing how to use it, you also need to understand when is the right time to send messages to customers. Sending messages at the right time will have a good impact on your business, and vice versa. Check out the following article to find out these things.


Before discussing more scheduled messages on WhatsApp, let's discuss the WhatsApp application first. WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging application not only in Indonesia but also globally. So it is not a surprise if someone often contacts you via WhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp can also be said to be quite easy. There are no complicated features that make users have to think hard. This also makes users of WhatsApp also vary, ranging from school children to the elderly. You can use WhatsApp for various purposes.

Although WhatsApp is generally used for casual communication, many use WhatsApp for other things. Many offices and schools use WhatsApp and form groups to communicate formally between members of the WhatsApp group that was formed.

Many use WhatsApp as a contact for their business. A large number of WhatsApp users makes many business people use WhatsApp contacts. This is proof that WhatsApp has now become part of the daily lives of Indonesian people.

WhatsApp Business

So it seems only natural for WhatsApp to then release another version, namely WhatsApp Business. This WhatsApp version is very useful for business. Even though regular WhatsApp can be used for business purposes, business WhatsApp is made for its users who are a seller.

That way, WhatsApp users don't need to mix their WhatsApp with business WhatsApp. Moreover, WhatsApp business has good features and supports business people. The following are some of the features of WhatsApp business:

Business Profile

The first feature of WhatsApp business is the business profile. The business profile on business WhatsApp is the same as the profile on regular WhatsApp. But on WhatsApp business, you can write details about your business profile. That way, customers who have your business contacts will know about your brief business profile.

You can put the email address of your business. Apart from that, you can also write down the location address if you have a physical store. The same goes for your business category and your store's active hours. This information will make your business more easily recognized by customers.


One of the important things that distinguish business WhatsApp from regular WhatsApp is the catalog feature. The catalog feature is very useful for business people who have several business products. That way, you don't need to offer products to customers manually.

You can also put pictures in the catalog. That way, customers can have a visual image of the product you are selling. Having a catalog will also reduce questions about what products you sell. Customers who intend to buy one product may be interested in buying another product.


This feature is also useful for business people, especially business people who are quite overwhelmed by the chat. On business WhatsApp, of course, several transactions are taking place, have been processed, and others. Having a label makes it easier for sellers to organize existing chats so that mistakes don't occur.

WhatsApp Schedule Message

The WhatsApp schedule message feature is one of the superior features of WhatsApp business. However, you don't get the WhatsApp schedule message feature in the usual WhatsApp business. You have to use WhatsApp business API to get it. You can get WhatsApp Business yourself through a Business Service Provider like Kokatto.

The WhatsApp schedule message feature itself is very useful for business people who have other activities. In a business, promotion is very important. Especially if you have a new product that you want to sell or a new price that you put on a product. Of course, you want to provide that information to customers.

WhatsApp schedule messages help business people do this. As the name suggests, WhatsApp schedule messages will help send WhatsApp messages to customers at certain hours. That way, business people don't have to worry if they have other activities at that hour. Simply by placing the message that you want to notify customers and when it can be sent, you can do it. The system will automatically send the message to the customers you want to target.

Time to use WhatsApp Schedule Message

Now, you already know the WhatsApp schedule message feature that you can use to send messages. However, when is the right and effective time to send this message to customers? The following are some of the right times to send WhatsApp schedule messages to customers:


The morning in question is when people start their activities. Usually in the morning, many users will look at their cell phones to see existing notifications. This is better than sending it at night which could potentially annoy them. Because if you annoy customers, they get annoyed.


Another time you can use to send promotional messages to customers is at lunchtime. When it's lunchtime, they will have free time. At that time, they most likely checked their cellphone. Therefore, the messages you send at that time they can read and view at their leisure.


You can also use WhatsApp to schedule messages in the afternoon from 16.00-17.00. At that time, most of the people had finished their activities. For example, office employees who go home from work using public transportation can read the messages you send while traveling.


The night meant to be suitable for sending WhatsApp schedule messages is from 19.00 -- 20.00. This is because, at that hour, people have finished their activities and are usually relaxing at home. At this hour, the possibility of them making a transaction is also quite large.
This is a brief explanation regarding WhatsApp schedule messages and the right time for business people to send these messages. There are still many other interesting WhatsApp Business API features that you can use to make your business easier.

Apart from the WhatsApp Business API, there are also several other features provided by Kokatto, such as OTP Miscall and Data Analytics. Existing features can help you improve service to customers. For more info, visit Kokatto!

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