Chatbot for WhatsApp, Is It Necessary or Not for Business?

27 Mei 2023 Chatbot for WhatsApp

Chatbot for WhatsApp has started to be widely used by many businesses. Of course, this cannot be separated from the convenience that is obtained from using chatbots for WhatsApp. Chatbot itself helps businesses a lot in handling and responding to consumer questions.

WhatsApp itself is currently one of the most widely used platforms. Moreover, its users are arguably one of the most in the world. The existence of a chatbot for WhatsApp will certainly be very helpful for business people. Read this article to find out what it means and what are the benefits for your business.


WhatsApp Business

It is common knowledge that most people in Indonesia use WhatsApp as their main communication channel. You can see how many people in Indonesia use WhatsApp for various purposes. Starting from casual communication, to work matters.

So it's only natural that WhatsApp Business appears to provide a variety of selling platforms for sellers. This is of course also welcomed by the sellers. With so many WhatsApp users, the visible potential is quite large. Moreover, the reach of WhatsApp is also quite wide. It allows you to reach customers who are not within your reach.

In addition, WhatsApp also tends to be easy to use. Existing features can be said to be quite easy to operate. Moreover, the use of WhatsApp business itself is also free without any fees. The new WhatsApp Business will incur costs if you decide to use the WhatsApp Business API.



Chatbot itself is a computer program that is intended to be a simulation of human conversation via text. In short, a chatbot is a virtual conversation that is answered by a robot. Usually, this feature is owned by a business to answer and serve consumer questions.

Even though this job sounds easy and can be done by humans, it turns out that many challenges must be faced. For a large business, you could face thousands of inquiries from people. Not to mention that you always have to consistently act professionally with customers.

Maybe you can anticipate this if you are a large company that has a lot of resources. But not so for developing brands. They use chatbots to help them serve customers and answer questions.


Benefits of using Chatbot for Business

For a business, customers are important. Therefore, all businesses should treat their customers well. Starting from answering questions, and responding well, to fulfilling consumer requests. The following are the advantages of using a chatbot for WhatsApp

  1. No Breaks
    One of the main benefits of using a chatbot for WhatsApp is that the service does not require a break. You can use it at any time because the chatbot for WhatsApp will automatically answer questions asked by customers as long as the questions are still included in the frequently referred question template.
    By using a chatbot, you can answer customer questions at any time. This is certainly very useful for anticipating consumers who are not aware of your working hours. They will also feel appreciated and have their questions answered even though it is outside working hours. The employees you hire don't have to change shifts.
  2. Time Efficiency
    Time efficiency is also another benefit of the chatbot for WhatsApp. Because by using a chatbot, both a business and a customer can save time and use it for other activities. This is certainly an advantage for both parties.
    For customers, they can ask the questions they need and the chatbot will answer them directly. They don't have to wait for a response from a business that may be busy. This also applies to a business. They don't need to answer frequently asked questions because the chatbot will answer them automatically and they can allocate time for other business activities.
  3. Saving Cost
    As mentioned earlier, using a chatbot for WhatsApp is useful for a growing business. By using chatbots, he can save costs for other business interests. Because paying people to become customer support is not easy.
    The cost required is quite large considering that the person certainly has the qualifications and competence. Even though you will need customer support, you can minimize this need with a chatbot for WhatsApp.
  4. Quick Response
    For sellers, time is money. This is indeed true. Therefore, a seller should not be negligent in taking advantage of opportunities. Sometimes, the opportunity can be lost just because it's a little late. It is hoped that the use of chatbots for WhatsApp can help increase this opportunity.
    Whoever the customer is, they will be happy if they get a quick response. The possibility that he will buy the product will also be higher if the response given is informative and responsive. By using a chatbot for WhatsApp, a consumer can ask the questions he wants to ask and get answered quickly too.
  5. Improving the Business Customer Experience
    The last benefit of using chatbots for WhatsApp is improving the customer experience for your business. By using a chatbot for WhatsApp, a business can provide a new experience and convenience for customers. This in turn can grow the trust of your customers.

Because apart from new customers, customer retention is just as important. If a customer has a good shopping experience at your store, it will increase customer loyalty. This will certainly give you a slight advantage over your competitors.

This is a brief explanation of the chatbot for WhatsApp and what advantages it can provide for your business. Whether you use a chatbot or not, you must continue to provide the best service for consumers. A product with good quality will not last long if consumers do not have a pleasant experience.

There are many things you can do to improve customer satisfaction and experience. By increasing these two things, indirectly you can also increase sales. Therefore, you also need to pay attention to aspects of customers.

You can use Chatbot for WhatsApp yourself by using the WhatsApp Business API first. Apart from that, you can also use other services for customers such as chatbots and customer care. You can see the information on these three features on Kokatto!

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