The Trick of How to WhatsApp Without Saving Number

26 Mei 2023 How to WhatsApp Without Saving Number

There is a way to find out how to WhatsApp without saving a number. Of course, this is quite useful considering that if you sell via WhatsApp, of course, it will be inconvenient to always save contacts, especially if it's only for potential customers. It will make your contact list too large in the end.

For sellers who use WhatsApp  Business, you must learn to use WhatsApp  Business effectively. This can be done by learning some of the tricks in WhatsApp Business. One of the tricks that you have to learn is to know how to WhatsApp without saving a number.


WhatsApp Business

Currently, WhatsApp  Business is widely used, both by big brands and small brands. This is because WhatsApp itself has quite a high potential. This is not surprising considering WhatsApp itself forgets about the most used instant messaging application, not only in Indonesia but also in the world.

WhatsApp Business itself began to be used in 2018 with the target of small businesses. WhatsApp Business is often used because it is quite easy to use. Apart from that, the features provided by WhatsApp  Business are also quite helpful so that business people can sell.


WhatsApp Business Features

As mentioned before, even though it's simple to use, you can get a lot from using WhatsApp  Business. You can see more and more sellers using WhatsApp  Business without exception. The following are some of the features that you can enjoy with WhatsApp  Business

  1. Business Profile
    The first feature you can get is a business profile. When using WhatsApp Business, the profile you get is of course different from the WhatsApp profile in general. You will fill in the column regarding the business profile that you run like a business in general.
    You will enter your business name. After that, you can also put the shop address if you have one. You can also fill in the opening and closing hours so customers know when they should message you. You can also write a short description of your business which can be informative for customers who are not too familiar with your business.
  2. Catalog
    Every seller must have a menu to give to customers. Likewise the sellers on WhatsApp  Business. Online sellers must have a catalog of goods offered to customers. This catalog feature is also available on WhatsApp  Business to help sellers.
    With a catalog, sellers can put what items are being sold. That way, customers can see for themselves what items are being sold. Having a catalog also increases the likelihood that customers will purchase other items than what they initially wanted to buy.
  3. Greeting Messages
    WhatsApp Business itself provides a feature to send messages to customers automatically when they try to message you. The message will be sent automatically when you receive the message. Apart from that, you can also create greeting message templates that you want to give to these customers.
  4. Away Message
    Unlike the greeting message, this one feature is automatically sent when someone sends you a message outside of working hours. You can also set what template you want. That way, customers feel appreciated because you will always respond to their chats.
  5. Quick Reply
    This feature has more or less the same benefits as the FAQ column available for websites. Some questions are very likely to be repeated, such as questions about products or shipping. You can create a template for the response. By pressing the / button, the response you have set will appear so you don't have to bother to retype it.
  6. Label
    One feature that helps and helps sellers is the label feature. Because WhatsApp itself is an application that focuses on messages, so of course there will be a lot of incoming chats. With the label feature, you don't need to be afraid that customer chats can be exchanged with one another. You can organize them so that not only will they look neat, but also you can reply to messages efficiently.


How to WhatsApp Without Saving Number

There are various tricks in WhatsApp  Business so you can run it efficiently. One of them is sending WhatsApp without saving a number. Two ways are often used. Here are the tricks:

  • How to WhatsApp Without Saving Number via Browser
  1. Open browser
  2. Use the https:/ template followed by the destination WhatsApp  number
  3. For contact numbers, use the international format, such as 6214712xxx
  4. Select Enter then the 'Continue to Chat' option will appear
  5. Chat with customers about what you want to convey


  • How to WhatsApp Without Saving Number via WhatsApp Application
  1. Open one of your chats with a customer
  2. Click on the WhatsApp number
  3. Three options will appear, namely 'chat with', 'add to contact', and 'call on WhatsApp '
  4. Select chat with if you want to send messages without saving the number.
  5. This method can be used as long as we have received a message containing the phone number we want to contact in the WhatsApp conversation window.
  6. The advantages of knowing how to WhatsApp without saving number


The Benefit of Learning How to WhatsApp Without Saving Number

Maybe after seeing this trick you are wondering whether it is important to know how to WhatsApp without saving a number. The answer is yes. The following are some of the advantages that you get from knowing how to WhatsApp without saving number:

  1. Save Mobile Memory
    Knowing how to WhatsApp without saving a number will help you save cell phone memory. As we know, cell phone memory is quite limited. If you store quite a lot of customer contact numbers, it may waste memory
  2. Practical
    By knowing how to WhatsApp without saving a number, you don't have to bother saving contact numbers. Moreover, often you don't personally know the customers you just talk to. By knowing how to WhatsApp without saving a number, all you have to do is send a message using the trick described above.

This is a brief explanation about WhatsApp  Business and the trick to find out how to WhatsApp without saving a number. As mentioned before, you have to know the tricks that are commonly used by sellers on WhatsApp Business. That way, you can run WhatsApp  Business effectively.

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