Simple Tips to Improve Customer Engagement Strategy

30 April 2023 Customer Engagement Strategy

These days, a business must have a strategy to increase customer engagement. With a very competitive business situation, things like this can differentiate them from other businesses. Especially now that customers play an increasingly important role in increasing sales.

Customer engagement or customer interaction can play an important role in a business in various aspects. Check out this article to find out the meaning of customer engagement and strategies you can use to increase customer engagement in your business!


Business and Customers

Business and customers are a unity. If you have a business, you have to think about how to get customers. Without customers, you will not be able to survive let alone grow. A business needs customers for product sales to occur.

Many things make customers interested in a business. Good product quality is one of them. Good service can also make customers come. However, these two things are not enough. You must have an appeal that makes customers feel like coming and buying a product.

Moreover, the progress of the world today also has an impact on business. You can see how the digital world is also influential. People are starting to make online shopping an option. Because of that, the presence of a business on a digital platform is becoming more and more important. Today, people access digital more often than before.

You can see the impact of social media on society. Almost all people have social media accounts. So do not be surprised if brands also flock to have social media accounts. They do this with the aim of raising customer awareness of the brand and products.

Social media can be used as a medium for promotion and doing business. With different platforms, business people must be able to take advantage of social media for the benefit of their brand. Brands that are widely known by the public certainly have a greater possibility of selling than brands that are not well known by the public.

There are many things that make a brand well-known to the public. One of them is social media presence. Nowadays social media accounts for a business are also quite important. Both offline and online, there is one thing that businesses need to take advantage of in order to add customers, which is customer engagement.


Customer Engagement

What is customer engagement? Customer engagement is an interaction made by a customer with a business. Engagement in question means there is two-way communication that occurs between the business and the customer. The existence of two-way communication means that the customer has a positive interaction which indicates he is interested in the business.

Customer engagement itself is more often used for social media considering the interactions that occur can be recorded. One of the forms of customer engagement that can be measured is through social media. On social media, there are several parameters that can measure customer engagement with the brand, such as comments or shares.

These parameters also differ depending on the platform used, but the principle of customer engagement remains the same. This is important to measure as evaluation material. Moreover, the data contained on social media can be calculated through data analytics. The better the customer engagement, the better the impact on a business.

With good customer engagement, the relationship between a business and customers will improve. This will certainly have a positive effect, both in terms of awareness and sales. Therefore, a business must have a strategy to increase customer engagement.


Strategy to Increase Customer Engagement

Previously, it was mentioned how important customer engagement is. This can also be done by even a small business. For those of you who feel customer engagement is not well enough, don't worry. These are some simple strategies to help you increasing customer engagement in your business:

  1. Always Active
    One of the most important things to show the presence of your business is always active. Gradually, your business existence will be realized by your potential customers if you move actively. Especially if you are also active on social media, this will have a positive impact on your business.
    By always being active on social media, your followers will be aware of the existence of your business social media account. Being active in creating content, being active in responding to comments is also one of the strategies to increase customer engagement on your business's social media accounts.
  2. Responding to Customers

    Just being active is not enough. Active is the minimum bare action you can do. Customers will feel you really care about their comments if you reply to them sincerely. Especially if the comments given are in the form of suggestions about your business products or services.
    Listening to what your followers have to say implies that you really care about the comments given. It's not impossible that your followers will compete so that you notice their existence. In addition, the advice given can also have a good impact on the improvement of your business.

  3. Follow the Trends

    Another way to increase customer engagement is to follow trends. Trends on social media are changing very quickly and you have to be able to take advantage of these moments. Especially if the trend matches the brand and product you sell.
    When following trends, you should also not follow them without adjusting. You must still be able to convey the product or brand value that you want to show. You have to be wise in choosing the right trend so that you don't seem like you're just going along with it.

  4. Creating Interesting Content

    Interesting content is one that increases customer engagement on social media accounts. This cannot be separated because many social media users are quite active in looking for interesting things. Having interesting content will make followers of your social media account interested in interacting.
    You can create interesting content in various forms. You can create educational content related to the business or product you sell. You can also make it in the form of a game or a question for followers. These contents are usually able to invite followers to interact.

This is a brief explanation of customer engagement and some simple strategies to increase it. Customers are an important part of business, so you as a business person must be able to know what customers want. With good customer engagement, the possibility of increasing sales is even greater.

As previously mentioned, customer interaction is important. Being able to answer questions from customers is equally important. With customer care and chatbot from Kokatto. You can handle this. You can serve and answer customer questions 24/7 so they are satisfied. For more info, you can visit Kokatto!

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