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30 April 2023 SMS Verification

Sms verification is one of the security systems that are often used today. Due to the large number of fraudulent acts, securing the system with SMS verification is the choice of business people. There are many other ways to verify besides using SMS.

However, SMS verification is still one of the most widely used options. What are the benefits provided by verification via SMS for business? Besides that, how does it work? Check out this article to find out the answers!


SMS is one of the most useful technologies in communication services. It may not have been inconceivable before to send messages to other people in digital form. So don't be surprised if SMS was popular for quite a long time for cellphone users.

For those who went through the 90s and 2000s, of course they would be familiar with SMS. In fact, most likely, his days were spent typing sms and exchanging messages with other users. Moreover, the cost of SMS is much cheaper for someone than making a call.

Even within a certain time, there are several providers that provide packages for SMS. This proves that SMS is a form of communication that is often used. Moreover, its use can be said to be simple so that everyone can easily use it.

SMS itself stands for Short Message Service. Therefore, messages sent via SMS can be considered short and limited. You only send messages. In contrast to short message applications where you can send various media and documents to someone.

Verification SMS

Currently, SMS is not only used to send messages. SMS is also used as a form of verification of a system. Considering that SMS is a feature of all cell phones, verification via SMS certainly will help its users.

Verification SMS is often also referred to as OTP or one time password. When you are trying to log in to a system or application, usually there will be an additional security system. There will be an option to send an OTP which usually contains a certain number which you then have to enter into the application.

Two-way verification is very safe for both parties. That way, both parties will feel secure. The administrator knows that the user who has entered has been verified, while the user will receive a verification notification. By getting a notification, he will know if another user besides himself tries to log in.

Verification SMS Strength

This double security is currently needed considering that many crimes are committed by fake users. They can take personal information and data that can have a negative impact in the future. This one feature is very useful for business people to avoid unwanted things. The following are some of the benefits of business:

  • User Identity Verification

The most pronounced benefit of SMS verification for businesses is to verify user identity. To enter into a system or application, users usually have to enter an id and password. But sometimes, criminals often also know the information. Because of that, nowadays there are many digital double safeguards for various things. Call it face and fingerprint recognition, as well as SMS verification. In SMS verification, users usually have to enter an SMS number when creating an account. So when a user uses SMS verification, he will get an OTP or SMS verification from the registered number.

That way, the perpetrators of these crimes cannot easily commit crimes even though they know the ID and password. Without the verification SMS received, he will not be able to enter the system. That way, both users and business owners will be safe from crimes that might be committed by other parties.

  • Transaction Security

With a verification sms, someone will get security during transactions. This is because someone will need to use a verification SMS before the transaction is approved and fulfilled. For the user, this will let him know if a transaction has been made.

As for business people, this will directly verify the account owner. If the transaction is carried out by another person without the knowledge of the account owner, the transaction will be void. That way, business owners will avoid the problems that occur. This of course will take time.

  • More Trusted Business

By using a verification SMS, you can also provide a sense of security and comfort for your customers. This will prove that you are trying to provide more security for customers. So apart from providing transaction security for you and your customers, it indirectly provides a safe transaction situation.

Other Benefits of SMS

SMS is most known to be useful for sending and exchanging messages. Even though there are currently instant messaging applications, there are still several benefits that can be utilized by its users. The following are some of the other benefits of SMS besides SMS verification:

  • Promotion

One of the other benefits of SMS that is most felt is SMS verification. Currently a business must carry out promotions to be recognized by customers. Especially now that there are more and more competitors for business. One of the promotional media that can be used and has quite a wide reach is by using SMS.
There are several promotional methods that you can use via SMS. One method is LBA SMS. LBA is location based advertising. When someone passes a certain location, someone who passes that location will receive a promotional SMS. That way, customers can be interested in buying products when they are around the location.

  • Notification SMS

In addition to promotions, there are also other benefits of SMS, namely for notifications. This one SMS is usually used by business people to remind their customers of something. For example, when a transaction is completed, the business will send an SMS to the customer's number to notify them that a transaction has been completed.

There are also businesses that use the SMS notification feature to remind their users. This feature usually reminds customers to pay bills that are due. This will remind these customers to pay on time to avoid late fees.

This is a brief explanation of SMS verification and the benefits it can provide for businesses. Apart from that, you can also use it for other things. One of them is SMS Blast, which allows you to send SMS to multiple users at once. It is quite helpful for your business.

You can get the SMS Blast feature at Kokatto. In addition, there are OTP Miscall and Automated IVR Call features. You can use these features to improve service to your business. For more info, you can visit Kokatto!

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