How to Differentiate Authentication vs Authorization?

30 April 2023 authentication vs authorization

The question of authentication vs authorization has been weighing on people's minds lately. It is because both words are often used nowadays. Both words are used mainly in the tech sector. The advancement of technology in this era is the reason why both words are becoming commonly used.

Many aspects of daily life are digitized. Therefore, people should be able to understand technological terms. Authentication vs authorization are terms that people often misunderstand. It is because both words have similar names and sounds. Both words actually have very different meanings. This article is written to help people learn the meaning of both words and when both words are used.

The Advancement of Technology

Technological advances affected society without exception. You can see that various aspects of everyday life are now mostly digitized. Everything has become practical. There are many things you can do without even leaving the house. While lying at home, there are many things you can do.

Especially because most people have smartphones. This makes it easier for technology to be implemented into daily activities. Simple activities such as shopping can already be done online. Because of this, more and more other activities are currently being carried out, even just through applications.

You can see that currently there are many offline activities that can be accessed through the application. You can get various types of entertainment from your smartphone applications. You can also study and work through the application. In fact, one's banking activities can also be used through an application.

But many people are wondering whether the use of the application is definitely safe or not. It is because there are many cases where someone's application is hijacked and they get their personal data stolen. Personal data and information security is the responsibility of each individual, therefore each individual must know how to protect their private information.

There are still many people with ill intentions who try to take advantage of other users' ignorance. To prevent that, smartphones are given many choices of security systems. As we all know, many latest phones released have face recognition or fingerprint features.

Users are also expected to protect their privacy and information data. They have to be careful when choosing and using applications because there are harmful applications. Users can protect it by using security systems that are provided on the smartphone. They can use layers of security to prevent something unnecessary from happening.


Authentication vs Authorization

Authentication vs authorization often causes confusion among users because many people often confuse the meaning between the two terms. But arguably, both are features that can help users to access applications more securely and privately. Both of them are also used in many systems.

Although both are security features, in practice the two are quite different. They also have. different working principles. Many are often confused because the two words are similar. Therefore, before discussing further authentication vs authorization, let's discuss the meaning of the two terms.


Definition of Authentication

Authentication is a security feature to determine whether a user accessing the system is a user entitled to access the system. One of the simplest and most commonly used examples is the use of passwords that have been used by the public for a long time. OTP miscall is also an example that is used nowadays.

Currently, the authentication process is more than just a password. Even existing passwords are required to use capital letters and symbols to make the password more secure. These days, applications or devices also use other authentication processes such as the use of fingerprints or facial recognition. Or OTP that worked to verify the user.

Considering that a person's face is certainly unique compared to others, this authentication process can be considered quite safe because it requires the user's face to access the system you want to use. That way, if there are other parties who want to access the system, the user will know the intentions of the other party.


Definition of Authorization

In connection with authentication vs authorization, authorization has a different understanding and application of security. If authentication is a security where only authorized users have access to the desired system. Authorization is a different matter.

The authorization itself can be said to be a security system where the responsible authority can determine who can access something. In contrast to authentication which is performed by a system, authorization is a user with access that grants access rights to other users who wish to access the system.

For example, each employee in an office has different access rights for stored documents. The administrator who serves as the authority has the right to provide access to other users. The rights granted can also vary, such as the right to read documents or the right to take documents outside the storage room.

Difference Between Authentication vs Authorization

The definition given above regarding authentication vs authorization explains quite the difference between the two. These are the differences regarding authentication vs authorization

  1. User
    In authentication, users must have proof that they have the right to enter the system and have been registered with the system. Therefore, on authentication, users who want to enter the system have access. For example, if someone wants to access an application that requires authentication, he will need to enter his ID and password. Or when a system use an OTP
    Unlike authentication, authorization actually validates the user. In authorization, the system in charge will see and grant access according to that user's rights. So, each user will be authorized by the system and given access according to what has been registered with the system.

  2. The Process
    The authentication process occurs when someone tries to enter the system, in this case, the application, and tries to access it. If the authentication is verified, the user will be able to log into the application.
    Unlike the case with authorization, the authorization process occurs when the user has entered the application. If he tries to access data belonging to another user, he must get authorization from that user. So the authorization process occurs after the authentication process.

This is a brief explanation of authentication vs authorization. By knowing these two terms, you can distinguish between the two when you are in that position. You have to be careful so that in the process you don't misunderstand. If authentication is to validate the access user, authorization is to validate the rights that the access user has.

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