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26 Mei 2023 Soft Sell Example

You can see many soft sell examples done by brands. This is because more and more businesses are using this technique. Moreover, some customers do not like overly direct sales techniques such as hard selling. This makes soft sales grow.

Soft sell itself is increasingly used. Especially if the intended target consumers are young people who prefer the product to be sold to them not openly. Check out the understanding of soft sell and soft sell examples that you can see in everyday life.


Hard Sell and Soft Sell

Hard selling and soft selling are both sales and promotion techniques that are often used by a business. As the name implies, the two techniques have different characteristics. Many specific variables make someone use hard sell and soft sell techniques.

In short, hard selling is a promotional technique when a business carries out explicit promotions and sales. Even if you are not the target market for the business, you can find out what products they offer. This is inversely proportional to the soft sell technique.

In the soft sell technique, the promotion is more implicit. Businesses that use soft-sell techniques want to promote their products and sell them in an unclear way. The two techniques certainly get different results. The following is what distinguishes soft sell and hard sell techniques

  1. Time
    When using the hard sell technique, you indirectly want to do promotions in a short period. When using the hard sell technique, you mean you want the product to sell quickly. Usually, this technique is done for promotions that are only used within a certain period.
    In contrast to soft selling which will be more suitable if you want to sell the product for a longer time. Many people prefer soft sell examples because the promotions usually make them curious. In contrast to hard selling, which sells products that are usually accompanied by exclamations.
  2. Building Relationships with Consumers
    This one difference is still related to time. When you use hard-sell techniques, you are building consumer relationships only for a shorter time. Relationships built with consumers will not be as intimate as when using soft sell techniques.
    When using soft sell techniques, it means that the projected time you want to build relationships with consumers is much longer. This is because the soft sell technique does not seem pushy and wants to build relationships with consumers step by step. Relationships that are built are also more sustainable.
  3. Brand Focus
    When using the hard sell technique, it usually means a brand is more focused on sales. Usually, they use promotions for a fairly short period to help increase sales quickly. It's different from brands that use soft sales.
    Even though soft selling aims to increase sales, they do it slowly. In addition, soft selling is also carried out to increase customer awareness of the brand. Therefore, you should think about your desired goal when choosing one of these techniques.


Definition of Soft Selling

As previously stated, the soft selling technique is a technique that is done without being pushy. There is no pressure exerted by a brand on customers. Precisely the promotions they make aim to make customers unconsciously remember the brand when buying a product.

Usually, soft selling techniques are used more persuasively. That way, when the customer is not interested in the product he will not feel annoyed. The language used is also smoother and emphasizes the consideration that the brand has for consumers.


Soft Sell Example

Because nowadays soft sell techniques are used more often, you can see many examples that occur in everyday life. The following are some examples of soft sell examples that you can use as inspiration when you want to use soft sell techniques for your business.

  1. Food Advertisement
    Food advertisements are one of the soft sell examples that you usually see in your daily life. Typically, dining ads use soft-sell examples that don't pressure customers to buy the product. Food advertisements do not explicitly force people to buy the product.
    One of the soft sell examples in food advertising is that food advertisements tend to use aesthetic advertisements so that the food looks beautiful and delicious. Often instant noodle advertisements make a customer feel like buying instant noodles. Food advertisements are usually made to stimulate someone's hunger.
  2. Deodorant Ads
    Deodorant ads are one of the ads that use the soft sell example approach more often. This is because the function of deodorant is to eliminate body odor. If you use a hard sell approach, of course, your target is more easily offended because it indirectly means they have body odor.
    Therefore, soft sell examples in deodorant advertisements usually focus on how the deodorant advertisement can help its users without implying that the prospect has a problem with body odor. That way, none of the customers feel sensitive to their body odor.
  3. Vehicle Ads
    Vehicle advertisements are one of the soft sell examples that you often encounter. Even though there are still many who use hard-sell techniques when selling vehicles, currently many vehicle advertisements often serve as soft sell examples. Usually, the vehicle advertisement makes potential customers curious about the vehicle.

So implicitly, the soft sell example in vehicle advertisements shows how comfortable the vehicle is without forcing the customer. The more beautiful the ad that is made will usually attract the attention of customers. The ad will show the features contained in the vehicle and why you should buy the vehicle.

This is a brief explanation of hard sell and soft sell, as well as soft sell examples that you can encounter in everyday life. Always remember to adapt these promotional techniques to the goals you want to achieve. Don't let the goals of the promotional techniques you do get confused.

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