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20 Februari 2023 Sms Blast

SMS blast is one of the easiest ways to promote your business, especially in tech dense place. Technology is more advanced these days and with that, comes to the vast development of cell phones. Globally, people use cell phone as a multi-functioning device. From entertainment, photography, to the initial purpose of cell phone itself: communicating. Nowadays, with technological advancement cell phones have evolved into smartphone, a multi-functioning device.  Smartphones make communicating easier from distance, especially with messaging applications, like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, and many more. 

While messaging applications can make communication more efficient, not everyone use said applications. Even if not everyone uses social media and messaging applications, people can still communicate with smartphones through texting with Short Message Service, or known popularly as SMS feature. SMS is the most basic feature for every smartphone. While it is old-fashioned, it is sometimes integrated into plenty applications and utilities as well, like logging in with the help of SMS through multi factor authorisation. This also helps people to expand their business via SMS. What people thought as impossible back then is now possible due to SMS blast. SMS blast is a very useful tool to expand and promote your business.

SMS blast? Why Use SMS blast? How Does it Work?

SMS Blast is a method of marketing by sending a message to many smartphone users at the same time through a source. Instead of using your number, SMS blast will provide customers with the name of your company instead of your phone number or someone’s phone number. This made SMS blast as a clean way to promote your business. Nowadays, smartphones are used by many people around the world, even someone can own up to more than one smartphone. Utilisation of smartphone in business has been proven successful as it assists business owners around the world to manage their businesses. Smartphone helps business owners to communicate better with their customers and even potential customer. Smartphone helps them to promote their business towards their targeted demographics. 

There are many ways to send promotions via smartphone, ranging from using a Chatbot, broadcast, to SMS blast. Using SMS blast is still the most preferable marketing strategy for a lot of companies because it is the most efficient and easiest way to invite customers to buy or use their product or service, it allows them to send promotions with the most minimum cost of doing so. Other than that, SMS blast has plenty of benefits for business owners who look to promote their product or service and expand their business.

Benefits of SMS Blast

Since SMS blast can send SMS to significant numbers of people with minimum repercussions, it can be a beneficial tool for expanding your business. There are 5 benefits of using SMS blast as a media for promoting your business:

SMS Blast Comes with A Cheap Cost

Different promotional media charges different price range for their service. Some would charge you high cost for an official promotional media with certain benefits, like fake followers and spotlight in some platforms for few hours to days. SMS blast, on the other hand, will cost you less since it does not require a budget for productions. There is even less production required, which means you can send promotional messages as soon as possible.

SMS Blast Takes A Short Time to Produce

Less time to produce means less hassle. Related to the last point, without any long duration to produce a promotional message, you can use SMS blast swiftly. Blast SMS does not require a physical medium, which makes it easier to produce. This will allow you to send a lot of promotions in a day. Many companies rely on SMS blast due to its efficiency on production. Due to the less time it takes to produce, it makes business owners focus on other matters easier.

The Messages are Easier to Track.

Not every promotional media allows you to track your messages. Some will not give you the details on the aftermath of your promotions and how customers reacted to your promotions, which makes it harder for you to strategise better plan for next promotion. SMS is one of the most transparent media for promotion, as it will let you to see the details of your promotions. Such details consists of how the customers react, when did customers receive the message, and many more.

Data from SMS Blast are Easier to Maintain

As stated on the last point, messages in SMS blast is easier to track, and thus can provide you with a good batch of data. Unlike email, SMS will not automatically go into spam inbox. Also, SMS will not take a lot of storage space and data for smartphones, unlike direct messages. Data sent by SMS blast can be maintained for customers, in case they are interested with the offer. 

SMS Blast Can Reach Customers Everywhere

It is a very strategic plan to use SMS blast for your business. With the sole requirement only to possess a good signal where you are, your promotional message can reach people everywhere who own smartphone. Being integrated with technology makes it easier for messages to reach customers who use smartphone. 

These 5 factors are the reasons why a lot of companies use SMS blast to promote and expand their business. Now, with these benefits, SMS blast can give you neat advantages for you to expand your business as well. There is one SMS blast provider that can give you excellent service for SMS blast: Kokatto.


Why Pick Kokatto as Your SMS Blast Provider?

Kokatto is the pioneer of multiplatform service in Indonesia. It has been trusted by more than 50 companies, from banking into tech sector, simply making it as the most trusted multi platform company. Kokatto can offer you cheap and effective marketing strategy via SMS blast, so that promoting your business will be easier. Kokatto even offers a demo for you to try and see how it fits with your business plan.


Does this swiftly attract you into trying the service? If it is the case, you can contact Kokatto and try SMS blast as soon as possible!

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